Nixing the UV-protecting shades for winter? Not so fast.

Newsflash: UV rays are a big deal, even in winter, particularly in areas impacted by snow. When you think of winter and a day on the slopes, what comes to mind? Fireplaces? Skiing? What about vision damage from the sun? It seems backwards, but winter and snow bring with them a very real threat to Read More »

Feed Your Eyes Right

If you’re brave, do what I did. Run a Google search for “foods for eye health.” There are about 34.4 million results for that search. Sound overwhelming? Yeah, it is! All I wanted to do was find the best foods to keep my eyes healthy, and instead I ended up getting eye strain looking through all Read More »

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2015 Eyewear Trends: The Look of a New Year

Whether your resolution calls for a big career move or a new workout schedule, the frames on your face this new year will be sure to make a statement all on their own. This year’s eyewear trends offer a variety of styles for every profession, lifestyle and personal affection. Here are some of the exciting style Read More »

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5 Need-to-know Facts about Glaucoma

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month, so we wanted to highlight some key facts about glaucoma so you can better understand this serious eye condition that affects roughly 2.7 million Americans. You can have glaucoma and not even know it. Glaucoma is known as “the sneak thief of sight” because you don’t notice it until the Read More »