You Can Help Us Improve the Life of a Veteran


There are 1.5 million veterans in the United States whose daily lives are affected by vision issues that often originate from active duty service. For these veterans, a highly trained guide dog can empower them to lead active, independent lives. Today we are proud to announce a partnership with America’s VetDogs, a not-for-profit guide and service Read More »

Happy Left Handers Day

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What do Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, and President Barack Obama all have in common? While all three bask in the glow of the celebrity spotlight, what you may not know is that each one is also left-handed. And as I gear up with fellow southpaws to celebrate Left Handers Day, I’m reminded that being left-handed Read More »

Eye-Opening Facts About Shark Vision

With all the talk about Shark Week, it made me curious how these mysterious creatures see the world. Sharks primarily use their sense of sight when closing in on prey and can see clearly about 50 feet away; however, they don’t rely on vision alone – sharks can sense electrical signals through pores near their Read More »

Viewing the Supermoon

Not sure what a perigree full moon is? This phenomena is more commonly known as a “supermoon” and the one coming upon Sunday, August 10, will be the most impressive of the year coming a mere 221,765 miles from earth which is about 30,000 miles closer than is typical due to the parabolic arc of its Read More »

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