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Flexon Tough Enough Giveaway


THIS PROMOTION IS NOW CLOSED. How tough are your frames? Can they withstand the hands of a small child curiously grabbing them from your nose? Accidentally stepped on? Sat upon? Or even run over? While we don’t recommend you trying this with your eyewear, we know that these unpredictable moments can happen to anyone. Flexon frames Read More »


Eye-Opening Facts About Shark Vision

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With all the talk about Shark Week, it made me curious how these mysterious creatures see the world. Sharks primarily use their sense of sight when closing in on prey and can see clearly about 50 feet away; however, they don’t rely on vision alone – sharks can sense electrical signals through pores near their Read More »

5 Reasons to Get an Eye Exam

National Eye Exam Month

Did you know August is National Eye Exam Month? Whether you are in the mood to get in on the celebration, or just want to maintain healthy clear vision, here are five good reasons to schedule an eye exam. 1. Check both your eye health and overall health. Some eye diseases like glaucoma may have Read More »