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UV Protection and Why Winter is Not an Exception

It’s easy to assume that by now you’ve broken out the heavy duty jackets and scarfs and put away  the warm season staples like shorts and short sleeves. But before you also stash away your sunglasses, you should know the risks of not protecting your  eyes run in the winter months. The Elements of Winter Read More »

Practice a Safe Gifting Season: Do’s and Don’ts

The gifting season is upon us, and while present hunting is the norm in December, very few are aware that it is also Safe Toys and Gifts Month. Given the plethora of gift options out there, knowing what to look out for can make a big difference in preventing possible injuries from well-intended gifts. Here’s our list Read More »

A Surprise “Thank You”

Some people travel often and others may never travel at all, but most daydream about a once in a lifetime trip. According to TripAdvisor®, these are the top five bucket list places people want to visit: See the Northern Lights in Iceland Sleep in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora Admire the sunset over Santorini Read More »

Open Talk about Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment season has officially begun, and that means VSP is kicking off our annual rite of encouraging you to keep vision care top of mind as you enroll in benefits through your employer.  Vision care is typically one of the quickest and least expensive benefit options to select, but we want to make sure Read More »

Eye Injury Prevention Month: Ensure Your Safety

Did you know? According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology more than one million people suffer from eye injuries each year. Of those, an astonishing 90 percent could have been prevented had the person been wearing appropriate protective eye wear. As we wrap up July, Eye Injury Prevention month, take the steps towards protecting those peepers Read More »