Lenses for glasses simplified with UNITY Performance Optics

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The lens-finder tool is easy to navigate and gives you all the information you need to know to help you see your best. I have to say it’s pretty helpful. There’s even a handy print out, thank you very much, because we’re all too busy to remember what’s what these days. Take that to any VSP eye doctor who carries UNITY products, and you’ll know exactly what you’re picking out.

I’ve got to say, I learned something pretty cool throughout this process: getting lenses is basically like buying a suit…for your eyes. Who knew? When you buy a suit, you want to get it tailored for your body—not some mannequin. Bring the shoulders in a bit so they don’t make that weird pointy, puffy thing, and adjust the inseam to the perfect length. Your suit is 10 times better with just a few simple adjustments—a lot more comfortable, too. The same thing applies with the lenses you put in your glasses. Why wouldn’t you want them to be designed specifically for you and your unique eye measurements?

More about UNITY lenses.


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    winning would be fun!!!

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    Need some luck for this awesome win :)

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    These sound like a fantastic lens!

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    What a wonderful sweepstakes! Something i can actually USE!

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    I hope to be seeing more clearly soon!

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