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What do your arms have to do with digital eye strain?

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In today’s world, we are surrounded by digital devices. From smartphones, to tablets, to computer monitors and television screens, our eyes are constantly fixed on screens that emit high-energy blue light. Have you ever wondered which of these devices may be most harmful to your eyes? In the video below, VSP optometrist Gary Morgan explains Read More »


5 Tips to Help Reduce Digital Eye Strain

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How many hours a day do you spend staring at a screen? An hour? Three to four hours? More? According to recent findings from The Vision Council, 60% of Americans spend five or more hours a day with their eyes fixed on a smartphone, tablet, or computer screen*. And why wouldn’t they? Today’s world runs Read More »


Good vs. Bad Blue Light

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Guest post by VSP optometrist Gary Morgan There is no escaping the fact that most of us are surrounded by digital devices. Whether in the office, at home, or in the palm of your hand, these devices are ubiquitous. They also emit harmful blue light and there has been a lot of media interest about Read More »


Blue Light: The Hidden Health Hazard of the Digital World

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is officially in full swing in Las Vegas this week. From self-driving cars, to smart watches, to ultra-high-definition televisions, the technology and gadgets being unveiled continue to amaze and excite many of us. As these products hit the market, they provide the world with more entertainment, convenience, and connectivity. But Read More »

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The Unexpected Health Effects of Blue Light Exposure

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You may be surprised to learn how blue light exposure is secretly impacting your eye health and daily lives. VSP network ophalmologist Dr. Jeffrey Morris fills us in on the unexpected impact blue light exposure has on vision and overall health. Below is a guest post by Dr. Jeffrey Morris. Many patients I see are Read More »