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Step Up Your Game and Protect Your Eyes with Athletic Eyewear

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Baseball season started; basketball and hockey are officially in the playoffs; the FIFA World Cup is making its way home to Brazil; and I’m still waiting for football to start in September. All athletes, regardless of the sport, need to take care of their eyes in order to perform while in competition. According to the Read More »

Workplace Safety

Three Unexpected Workplaces Where Eye Safety Matters

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This blog was written in celebration of Eye Safety in the Workplace Month. When I think of occupations that should practice eye safety, the usual jobs that come to mind are construction workers, mechanics, and chemists. However, there is a longer list of occupations that require eyewear protection. According to the Federal Occupational Health, an Read More »

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New Year’s Eve Eye Safety

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There’s something special about the start of a new year. Make the most of your New Year’s Eve with these tips to help keep your peepers safe through all your festivities. Party Poppers Nothing says it’s a celebration quite like confetti. Even though party poppers may look harmless, don’t let their size fool you! These Read More »


Tips to Prevent Eye Injuries at Home

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Do you feel safest at home?  You may be surprised to know that 2.5 million eye injuries happen in and around the home. That accounts for almost half of all eye injuries! The good news: 90% of all eye injuries can be prevented by using proper eyewear and following safety instructions. Below are some tips Read More »

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Protect Your Eyes From Smoke

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This year’s fire season brings a higher than normal risk for wildfires. Currently, California and Idaho are just two of the states to battle acres of fires that have forced people out of their homes. In an effort to encourage safety and precaution when dealing with fire and smoke, here are a few tips to Read More »

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Not All Eye Drops Created Equal: Which to Choose?

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You’re at the pharmacy searching for something to relieve your eye irritation with some eye drops. When you get there and you find yourself faced with a wide selection of eye drops, many claiming to do the same thing, but not all eye drops are created equal. Unfortunately, there is no universal eye drop to cure all symptoms. Before reaching for a Read More »

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Picnic Eye Perils: Keep Your Eyes Safe In the Summer

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In observation of July’s status as National Picnic Month and Eye Injury Prevention Month, I’ve got some advice for observing both month-long holidays at the same time. First, let’s get real for a second. Having a picnic is pretty much the safest thing you can do other than napping, right? Well, unless you hang out Read More »


Burn Awareness Week: February 3-9

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Unfortunately, accidents will always happen, so the best we can do is prepare for that “one-in-a-million” chance.  The first week of February is observed as “Burn Awareness Week,” which is sponsored by the  American Burn Association (ABA).  This is an opportunity for burn, fire and life safety educators to unite in sharing a common burn Read More »