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Over 25,000 Eye Pledges taken … and halfway to our goal!

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A wonderful milestone has been reached today as the VSP Eye Pledge campaign soared past the 25,000 pledge mark. As of this evening, over 25,800 free eye exams and glasses are being donated to Boys & Girls Club members in-need! And, although we are halfway to the original 50,000 pledge goal we still need your help. Read More »

VSP making strides with diabetes education

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VSP was recently invited by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to present at an event celebrating the success of the National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP). NDEP is the government’s leading public education program for diabetes prevention and control that offers evidence-based, culturally tailored and easy-to-read materials. VSP was invited to present on our Read More »

How much can YOU save with VSP?

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VSP saves members an average of $290 a year on their eyecare and eyewear. That’s enough for 90 cups of coffee. With today’s economy and prices continually going up on everyday necessities, enrolling in a VSP® Vision Care plan can help you save on the eyecare and eyewear that you need. Just how much can Read More »

Advancements Made for Treating Newborn Blindness

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As my son was born 5 weeks premature, I am well aware how stressful the unknowns are when it comes to baby’s health. Fortunately, it appears there has been some advancements in treating premature babies who are afflicted with blindness. According to an article published in the Wall Street Journal last week, babies born before Read More »

A link between untreated poor vision and dementia?

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For some seniors and their loved ones, dementia is a very real and very scary condition. Personally speaking, it was heartbreaking to watch a formerly spirited, astute and witty family member lose touch with her surroundings. While there is no clear path to prevention, a recent study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found a potential link between Read More »