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LASIK Misconceptions

Top LASIK Misconceptions: Part One

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Today, 98% of patients achieve 20/20 or better vision with advanced forms of LASIK, yet many people have big misconceptions about it. LASIK is the most studied ophthalmic procedure in the world and has been performed on more than 50 million people over the past few decades. Despite the comprehensive studies and global acceptance, LASIK Read More »

Tooma KAMRA Q A  Picture

Q & A with Dr. Tooma About New KAMRA Inlay Procedure

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Do you find yourself squinting to see objects up close? Dr. Tooma, founder of NVISION Eye Centers shares about a new procedure to help restore vision in older adults. Q: What exactly is presbyopia, and how many people are affected by it? A: Presbyopia is the clinical term for the need for reading glasses or Read More »