10 Eyewear Moments at the 2015 Golden Globes

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UPDATE: Click here to see our Top 5 Eyewear Moments at the 2015 Academy Awards!

To say eyewear took center stage at the 2015 Golden Globes would be an understatement.

Case in point: After actress Lupita Nyong’o sported thick-rimmed, wayfarer-style frames while presenting an award, the internet lost its collective mind. And in the surest sign of modern-day trending, @LupitaGlasses is now alive and well on Twitter.

And while the Oscar-winner’s frames (paired with that beautiful Giambattista Valli Haute Couture gown) certainly created a memorable fashion moment, we spotted nine other celebs sporting seriously chic specs, too.

Herewith, our Top 10 Eyewear Moments at the 2015 Golden Globes and how you can emulate each look with eye-catching frames from Marchon and Altair. (And remember, most VSP members receive an extra $20 to spend toward featured Marchon and Altair brands when applying their benefits!).

Lupita Nyong'o

Trend Alert:
Wayfarer, Thick-Rimmed
How could we not start with the frames that launched a thousand tweets? Lupita gets lauded for her bold, fashion-forward styles on and off the red carpet all the time. But by pairing haute couture with black, thick-rimmed frames, the forward-thinking fashionista has declared once and for all: Evening gowns and eyewear are everything.
Get the Look: Try Chloé’s CE2627 in Black. (Click HERE to find a doctor in your area who carries Chloé!)

Colin Firth

Trend Alert:
Thick-Rimmed, Oversized
Firth laid it on thick with 60s-inspired, oversized specs that harken to his handsomely tragic character in 2009’s A Single Man. A bold look, to be sure. But if you have the strong features and strength of character to pull it off, we say wear it proudly (and without prejudice).
Get the Look: CK7914 in Black from Calvin Klein Collection is a great place to start.. (Click HERE to find a doctor in your area who carries Calvin Klein!)

Meryl Streep

Trend Alert:
Tea Cup, Thin-Rimmed, Metal
This is Meryl’s second appearance on our annual Golden Globes eyewear report. Last year, the mega-star sported on-trend, cat-eye frames with a subdued ensemble. This year, she struck a nice balance with understated eyewear to balance a bolder Paul Ka silhouette. Delicate, feminine, and with a slightly purpureal hue, these frames are fabulously fit for the Queen that she is.
Get the Look: Go for Genesis’ 2026 in Sangria. (Click HERE to find a doctor in your area who carries Genesis!)

Kevin Spacey

Trend Alert:
Metal, Semi-Rimless
Spacey’s sleek, semi-rimless look here is pure minimalist chic. The style is also expertly anchored by a thicker temple piece to give it just enough oomf for this award winner.
Get the Look: Skaga’s 3750-U Tomas frame in Gun is good way to embody the look. (Click HERE to find a doctor in your area who carries Skaga!)

Ricky Gervais

Trend Alert:
Square, Rivets
He’s no stranger to throwing shade. So it’s no surprise the Derek star (and former Globes host) donned slick, black suns on the red carpet yesterday. A perpetual goofball on-screen, we were taken by the no-fuss bit of cool these sunglasses gave the comedian as he yucked it up with Seacrest. Take note of the tiny rivet details for a small but mighty flourish.
Get the Look: Tommy Bahama’s “Win Some Cruise Some” frame in black. (Click HERE to find a doctor in your area who carries Tommy Bahama!)

Michael Keaton

Trend Alert: Tortoise, Horn-Rimmed
Keaton’s emotional acceptance speech for Best Actor – Musical or Comedy is making the rounds. We were equally as riveted by Birdman‘s simple tortoise frames with a slight horn-rim shape and hinge detail.
Get the Look: Altair Evolution’s A4018 in Tortoise Slate strikes the right key(ton). (Click HERE to find a doctor in your area who carries Altair!)

Jeffrey Tambor

Trend Alert: Round, Horn-Rimmed
The Transparent star gave another touching acceptance speech, while his show took home a Globe, too. We applaud the veteran actor’s bold choice of rounded, horn-rimmed frames in a slightly dusty caramel color.
Get the Look: Round off your own look with Dragon Alliance’s “Cosmos” frame in dark tortoise. (Click HERE to find a doctor in your area who carries Dragon!)

Patricia Arquette

Trend Alert: Rectangular, Blue
Arquette was feeling anything but blue as she accepted the award for Best Supporting Actress for her work in Boyhood. We, however, were definitely feeling those icy rectangular frames that popped next to her bold, red lip color.
Get the Look: Did someone say bold? Try Revlon’s RV5033 in Navy to play it cool like ‘Trish. (Click HERE to find a doctor in your area who carries Revlon Eyewear!)

Robert Downey Jr.

Trend Alert: Square, Blue
Also keeping it true blue? RDJ, of course. The presenter appeared with blue, square-rimmed frames and blue-tinted lenses. Admittedly, not a look a lot of guys can pull off. But if anyone can, it’s Ironman.
Get the Look: Keep it cool with Salvatore Ferragamo’s SF2652 in Striped Blue. (Click HERE to find a doctor in your area who carries Salvatore Ferragamo!)


Trend Alert: Round, Thin-Rimmed, Oversized
A man who needs no introduction. Or excuses. Or explanation. He simply is. And when we saw him sporting oversized rounded sunglasses on-stage, we knew all was right in the world.
Get the Look: G-Star Raw GS103S Metal Bronson in Gold (raspberry beret optional). (Click HERE to find a doctor in your area who carries G-Star Raw!)



  • Mary Jo says:

    Nice – but it would’ve been NICER to see photos of the real people rather than drawings….

  • Carolyn Wren says:

    Do you know anything about the eyewear that Oprah Winfrey has been wearing; they’re black frames with gold accents across the bridge & I think on both temples??

  • Jeff Guevara says:

    I would be most interested to find out which ones are not made in china or at least where these frames are made. Thank you

    • David C. says:

      Hi Jeff, an overwhelming majority of frames are made in China or Italy. You can tell by looking on the inside of the temple and it will be printed there. -David, VSP

  • Edward says:

    Actual photo would be more convincing

  • John Payne says:

    Frame envy? What about frame fit? The consolidation of frame manufacturing has led to a limited temple lengths and bridge sizes, especially in plastic frames. Also, there has been such a huge focus on appearance and profit that most opticians act as salespeople and do not know how to adjust temples to the mastoid complex. People with small heads or prefect noses and facial symmetry will have no problem with the cookie cutter frame offerings of today, but vary from the norm in the slightest and you will have a problem.

  • Donna says:

    I agree with Mary Jo

  • Tamara Pace says:

    Kevin spacey is nice

  • Sharon says:

    Please share information on glasses at the Academy Awards, especially Patricia Arquette’s. Thank you.

  • I miss my oversize Sophia Loren frames. problem: I love my photosynthetic, transition lenses but I have a MAJOR PROBLEM with GLARE COMING BACK INTO MY EYES I have to wear a ball cap down over my eyes to reduce the GLARE ON/FROM THE LENSES. PAINFUL GLARE. This has only started with my current lenses that have an anti-glare feature. VSP CAN YOU HELP ME?

    • David C. says:

      Hi Sandra, backside anti-glare is available. I am also very sensitive to glare and that helps me. Talk with your eye doctor about your options. -David, VSP

  • Jo Crosby says:

    Need a choice of vintage frames

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