2015 Eyewear Trends: The Look of a New Year

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Whether your resolution calls for a big career move or a new workout schedule, the frames on your face this new year will be sure to make a statement all on their own. This year’s eyewear trends offer a variety of styles for every profession, lifestyle and personal affection. Here are some of the exciting style components you can expect to see on your specs in 2015.

What to look out for:

Vibrant Hues

Bright colors are not new to the fashion scene, but 2015 will be taking them to a new level. Much like the pink that made it on your blouse or lips last year, the rosy color is back but it will get a jolt this year in its hottest variation – fuchsia. Joining the hot pink color will be a cooler counterpart. Aquatic inspired hues such as turquoise will also be making a reoccurring appearance on sunglasses.

These color statements will rival any gloomy day and are executed subtly enough to not overshadow a complete ensemble.

A New Material World

Some of the most beautiful sights are found in nature, so it is no surprise that natural designs also enhance eyewear just as gracefully. Anticipate stunning wood grain-like patterns to fill out your frames.

While introducing new materials and patterns, this year’s trends will still include classic sleek materials. If you are a fan of the signature lightweight metals and black silhouettes these staples are not going anywhere.

Unique Shapes

You are our muse and since faces come in all beautiful shapes and sizes, eyewear has transformed to experiment with silhouettes that enhance your individual beauty. The circle is where it starts. Large round frames will be a popular commodity. Having said that, deconstructed rounds frames will be second in line. These designs include round frames with a sharp cat eye corner or a ‘peek-a-boo’ design that includes break in the frame outline of the lenses for an edgy look.

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 This is a guest post by VSP employee, Yessenia A.