Take a Sneak Peek at 2018 Eyewear Trends

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The mark of a new year is almost magical, weaving together both our past and hopes for the future into a single moment. In a similar manner, fashion articulates a specific moment in time, artfully pulling together the comfort of the familiar and nostalgia, while taking on fresh perspective through color, shape and materials.

Take a sneak peek at some of the top 2018 eyewear trends that both give a nod to the past and break the mold, using unexpected design elements.

For 2018, expect the unexpected, with futuristic elements, mixed materials, juxtaposition of shapes, and use of negative space that play up geometric designs. What’s here to stay? Athleisure, attention to detail, and new nostalgia inspired by iconic mid-century style.


  • Robert Ohlemeyer says:

    I would guess that we’ll soon be seeing the return of the John Lennon wirerims or Granny glasses soon, maybe not in 2018, but soon. We’ve just seen the Barry Goldwater dark plastic frames make a comeback in recent years.

  • Laura Amedeo says:

    not a fan of the futuristic..like more glitsy look..if i have to wear glasses i would like them to be like a piece of jewelry…

  • Deb says:

    Great video, nicely done. Why do we leave out Bebe and some of the other Altair brands?

  • Leslie says:

    Interesting that many of the models for eyeglass frames, aren’t even wearing glasses.

  • Debra Roberts says:

    Not for me. I’ll stick with the over sized ones. I love those.

  • Diana Macias says:

    Glad I have my glasses. Not a fan of the new stuff.

  • Marliss says:

    I agree with Laura Amedeo. I won’t be buying any of these futuristic looking frames.

  • Pam Gifford says:

    I like ’em!

  • Nancy says:

    OMG- I saw so much more than futuristic here. I will be taking a look at these. Step out of the box folks! Ready for something new and different.

  • Judy says:

    There is some fun stuff in there, if someone wants to send me that pair with the crystals on the corners at 1.20, I’d be happy to try them out!

  • Amy Coz says:

    Great video!! I like it. Thanks Angelina F.

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