Cozy up to These 2018 Fall Trends

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Sweater weather is officially upon us which can only mean one thing, new fall fashion trends to try out. Grab your pumpkin spice coffee and take note. We’ve captured our favorite trends we’re loving on, the only online retailer where you can buy glasses, sunglasses, and contacts with your VSP benefits.

Subtle Gold Glam

You’ve seen the translucent/clear frames growing in popularity, but we’re ready to upgrade you in the frame game. These Chloé frames are the classic clear look you love, with just a hint of gold. They also come in a glamorously oversized teacup shape making them on point with the trends we saw come out of New York Fashion Week. Go ahead and add these to your oversized layered look.

2018 Fall Trends

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Fall Bold Statements

We should all have bold statements as a fall closet staple. As your summer tan fades and your natural sun infused highlights grow out, it’s time to introduce a rich red to balance out your fall tones. Pair these frames with a full scarf and jet-black mascara. You’ll have the perfect eye-catching seasonal look.

2018 Fall Trends

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Subtle Class to Top Off Any Winter Outfit

Not to be forgotten, the classic tortoise frame is back this season with a little more flare than last year. These frames are demanding attention, dressed up in beautifully designed gold arms. They serve as a final piece to your Instagram worthy outfit. You can take these from sophisticated to casual with your favorite fall looks.

2018 Fall Trends

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Cool off and warm up to this season’s best fall looks. Find more frames to cozy up to when you visit

This is a guest blog post by Eyeconic employee, Ashley Wetmore.


  • Charlene Snyder says:

    Love the new looks!!!

  • subtle gold glam are nice

  • nina todd says:

    Seriously, its like going back to the 80’s, no thank you, been there done that, what about something for those of us that already had trend of the big round glasses?

  • Janice Moss says:

    Love Gold Glam

  • Jan Carol says:

    Not my style….like Nina said they look like the colored plastic from the 80’s. I wish styles were more attractive especially for older women. I don’t like built in nose pieces because they cannot be adjusted. And I need very light frames because heavy ones bother me. And I wish more frames came with clip-on sunglasses.

  • Seana says:

    yes, reminds me of my 1980s glasses, I will pass.

  • Amy says:

    Ugly. I’ve put off getting glasses over a year waiting for the trend to change to pretty glasses.

  • Everi says:

    Goodbye to those narrow slit glasses, good riddance. Hello round styles.

  • Davey says:

    What about styles for men?? What’s trending for the guys?

  • Gale Boland says:

    Thanks VSP for offers, specials on an amount off frames! I just got my first pair of glasses. Exam and my glasses with all my needs were a great price. I’m on a budget! Did not know until I picked my glassesd up who they were by? Still don’t know; however the designer has great taste! I certainly like my glasses and VSP!

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