3 Eye Conditions Caused By Stress

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Have you ever had uncontrollable eye spasms? What about blurry vision or extremely dry eyes? Did you ever think these symptoms could be caused by stress? Our eyes are an extension of our brain, so whatever affects the various parts of our brain can interfere with our vision.

Blurred Vision

Stress and anxiety can cause blurred vision and, ironically, experiencing vision problems can create more stress. Stress also affects your body in other ways, so blurry vision may be a secondary symptom. Sometimes stress causes your body to react as though it is facing something dangerous and, as a result, your pupils dilate. This allows more light to enter the eye to help you “fight or flee” the situation, but too much light can create poorer vision.

Eye Twitching

Stress is also one of the leading factors of eye twitching – abnormal, uncontrollable blinking or spasms of the eyelid – which affects millions of people every year. This condition is usually temporary, but persistent eye twitching may be a sign of a serious genetic disorder. Whether you are spending too many hours on the computer, excessively tired or overly stressed remember that few people will notice your problem unless they have a well-trained eye!

Dry Eyes

When our body senses heightened stress levels, it will naturally increase and thicken our blood flow to protect us from injury. In turn, the heart has to work harder and blood circulation to the extremities, such as your skin, brain and eyes, is decreased. If left untreated, this condition can become chronic.

Even though these stress-related eye conditions prove to be maddening, luckily, they can all be controlled with a healthy diet, exercise and stress reduction techniques, such as meditating and deep breathing. If your symptoms persist, visit an eyecare professional who can determine the underlying cause. 

This post was written by Julie Dreier, who is a Client Manager at VSP Vision Care.

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