VSP employee Ana Cardona, who is a member of the Green Guardians

Tips for Offices to Go Green

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Did you know that Americans annually throw away enough office paper to build a wall that stretches from Los Angeles to New York City? Or that recycling one aluminum can saves enough electricity to power a laptop computer for four hours?

At VSP we try to make recycling as simple as possible for employees. For instance, every cubicle and meeting room has two trash receptacles – one for recyclable paper and the other for food and non-recyclable waste. Easy-to-access containers that separate cans from plastics are scattered throughout the campus. We even invited several vendors to our headquarters during the recent Earth Week celebration to share the message:

Finally, let’s not forget that we have our own Green Guardians! They are VSP employees who volunteer to be champions for sustainability, environmental role models and liaisons for related communications and events.

Now, what are you doing to make a difference for our planet? Below are a few tips to help your workplace go green:

  • Carpool if you can’t ride your bike or walk to work
  • Utilize natural lighting whenever possible
  • Save paper by posting documents online and printing on both sides
  • Put computers in sleep mode during breaks and turn it off along with the power strip its plugged into at the end of the day
  • Add plants to your office space to absorb indoor pollution
  • Look for non-toxic labels on cleaning products, furniture and other products

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