5 Eyewear Trends Inspired by 2016 Emmys Fashion

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The red carpet at the Emmy Awards always churns out an interesting selection of fashion choices.

Consider the timing.

We’re technically between sartorial seasons right now, with LA’s heatwave fending off even the faintest whisper of fall. To complicate matters, Fashion Week just wrapped in New York with the Spring 2017 collections—leaving the Primetime Emmy Awards’ red carpet in a sort of no-man’s calendar land when it comes to style.

Luckily, TV’s brightest stars (or rather, their stylists) presented a solid mix of color, cuts and modern silhouettes to keep us intrigued.

Check out our picks below for the top five fashion trends at this year’s Emmy Awards and how you can emulate each look with eyewear from Eyeconic—VSP’s in-network online eyewear store.

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Emmys 2016 trends eyewear red

TREND: Red, Red Divine
Winners like Regina King, Kate McKinnon and Tatiana Maslany had us seeing red—literally—with stunning gown after gown in the attention-grabbing color. Some actresses might hesitate to match the carpet with the dress. Not these gals. Just try to take your eyes off Priyanka Chopra in that red-hot Jason Wu dream. Talk about playing with fire.
EMULATE WITH EYEWEAR: Set your outfit ablaze with these vintage-inspired suns.

Emmys 2016 trends eyewear pink

TREND: Think Pink!
Love was definitely in the air for this girlish hue, from magenta (Viola Davis) to blush (Emila Clarke) and even some fun fuchsia overlays in lace (we’re looking at you, Constance Zimmer). Hard to think of another option that serves up fun, flirty and bold in such a complete package. To quote Funny Face, “Banish the black, burn the blue and bury the beige. From now on, girls, think …” (well, you get the idea).
EMULATE WITH EYEWEAR: Give a wink (and get a few yourself) with these pink-tinged aviators.

Emmys 2016 trends eyewear black and white

TREND: Black & White
If wearing white after Labor Day is a crime, then Lock. Us. Up. As long as we can share a cell with Michelle Dockery and Natasha Lyone, who grounded the wintry color with pops of classic black. The result was something classic and elevated—never too bridal. Even Aimee Teegarden’s metallic belt created a dark focal point that balanced the lightness of her form-fitting frock. No gray area here: We loved it.
EMULATE WITH EYEWEAR: Strike a balance between light and dark with these rounded optical frames.

Emmys 2016 trends eyewear cutouts

TREND: Cut-it-Out
Just FYI: skin is in. Big time. Which would explain the sheer number of expertly slashed dresses and strategic cutouts we saw on the red carpet. Hats off to Heidi Klum, Minnie Driver and Kerry Washington (preggers no less!) for pulling off this daring trend without, shall we say, overexposing their assets. In this case, the cutting-room floor never looked so good.
EMULATE WITH EYEWEAR: Play peek-a-boo with these uber-chic metal frames with cutouts near the temples.

Emmys 2016 trends men navy blue

TREND: Navy Blues
Gentlemen, it’s OK to feel blue from time to time. In fact, we’d recommend it. Guys like Andy Samburg, Jordan Gavaris, and Mario Lopez eschewed basic black in favor of deep, deep navy looks this year. We approve. The midnight feel lends just enough individuality to the suit without looking inappropriate. Guess it’s safe to say we’re in the navy now.
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  • doris says:

    would love to win some i wear glasses but don’t have sunglasses

  • […] 5 Eyewear Trends Inspired by 2016 Emmys Fashion – VSP Blog […]

  • Asean News says:

    […] 5 Eyewear Trends Inspired by 2016 Emmys Fashion – VSP Blog […]

  • […] 5 Eyewear Trends Inspired by 2016 Emmys Fashion – VSP Blog […]

  • […] 5 Eyewear Trends Inspired by 2016 Emmys Fashion – VSP Blog […]

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