5 Eyewear Trends Inspired by 2017 Golden Globes Fashion

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The 2017 Golden Globes have wrapped, which means another Hollywood awards season has officially commenced!

Get excited.

Because in our long-standing tradition of spotting red-carpet moments here at the VSP Blog (see here, here and here), we focused our discerning eyes on Sunday’s well-heeled crowd to see what sartorial trends appeared among Hollywood’s A-List once more.

So check out our top five trends below and how you—mere mortals!—can embody each look with gorgeous new sunglasses on Eyeconic, VSP’s in-network online eyewear store.

Oh—and those stunning images? Courtesy of Jeff Brown, a talented designer who works in our innovation lab, The Shop. You can check out more of Jeff’s beautiful fashion illustrations on Instagram at @iamjeffbrown.

To the trends!

Golden Globes eyewear trend Pink

TREND: Pretty in Pink
The Globes were aflush with blush! And rose. And fuchsia. Even sequins dipped in the romantic hue. Winners like Emma Stone and Claire Foy worked the trend, as did Angela Basset, Carrie Underwood and Felicity Jones. Of note: Pink also popped up quite a bit at the Emmy’s last fall. Are we seeing a trend or a full-fledged, magenta movement? Either way, we’re in.
EMULATE WITH EYEWEAR: Think pink with these tea cup suns complete with gold metal brows.

Golden Globes eyewear trends black and white

TREND: Black & White
Riddle me this: What’s black and white and fierce all over? Answer: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Janelle Monae and Heidi Klum—to name a few. Frocks with blocks of these contrasting colors popped at this year’s ceremony. Even Evan Rachel Wood channeled the trend (while eschewing the dress) with a sleek suit that subtly honored Marlene Dietrich and David Bowie.
EMULATE WITH EYEWEAR: There’s no gray area with these ultra-chic B&W frames with metallic accents.

Golden Globes eyewear trends yellow

TREND: Hello Yellow
Citron. Lemon. Canary. Gold. Any way you slice it, yellow had a not-so-mellow moment last night thanks to leading ladies like Viola Davis, Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington. Admittedly not the easiest color to pull off. But when done right, this sunny hue can cast an eye-catching look that is sure to brighten anyone’s day.
EMULATE WITH EYEWEAR: Go for bold with these scene-stealing, statement-making suns.

Golden globes eyewear trends metallic

TREND: Heavy Metal
It was metallurgic mania this year as actresses donned alloy accents, liquid-like sequins, and shiny embellishments from head to toe. Gilded gowns that caught our eye were those worn by Ruth Negga, Thandie Newton, Felicity Huffman and Regina King. We love a look that adds edge and sparkle. Armor up!
EMULATE WITH EYEWEAR: Cast yourself in these oval-shaped stunners with embellished metal accents.

Golden globes eyewear trends white

TREND: Winter White
Guys at the Globes kept it clean with slim-fit, classic black suits. But a few outliers dared to alight with white jackets and tuxedos, namely Ryan Gosling, Jeremy Renner and Pharrell Williams. Labor Day, schmabor day. Clean, classic white can channel Old Hollywood debonair style and ultra-modern sensibility any day of the year.
EMULATE WITH EYEWEAR: Modern-day white knights should sport these vintage-inspired suns.


  • LW says:

    Could care less what people in Hollywood are wearing. Really we need other choices, these are nothing I would wear.

  • Sharon says:

    Don’t like that you really cannot tell what the glasses really look like because of the images. I would like to see the actual look and color of the glasses. Seeing the glasses this way doesn’t inspire me to check them out on the website.

    • Jon S. says:

      Hey Sharon, each drawing is inspired by an actual frame style on Eyeconic. Simply click the image or the link in the description below to check out the frame that inspired the illustration.

    • KellyHarmon says:

      I agree. These drawings are useless as far as pulling me in to check them out.

      • Jon S. says:

        Hey Kelly, this was just a fun way to highlight the high-fashion quality of the content, much in the same way fashion designers will sketch their looks before turning them into wearable art. Simply click any of the featured images and you’ll be taken to the corresponding frame on Eyeconic.

  • Courtney says:

    Definitely feeling the Rose hues, white and even clear!

  • JanetH says:

    Very nice styles.

  • JanetH says:

    Very nice styles. Unfortunately I just bought a pair and cannot afford a pair of prescription sunglasses every year, as my insurance doesn’t cover them.

  • kel h. says:

    love these but prefer really dark lenses or mirrors and silver metalwear. love the article!

  • anonomyssy says:

    Hard to tell what they really look like from drawings….???

    • Jon S. says:

      Each drawing links out to the frame that inspired it on Eyeconic.com. Simply click the image or the link in the description below it to explore the eyewear and even it try it on virtually.

  • Hector says:

    I thought Sunglasses weren’t covered by insurance

    • Jon S. says:

      Hi Hector, depends on your coverage. Feel free to give our customer care team a call if you have any questions about your plan: 800-877-7195.

  • Carole says:

    I can’t seem to find a doctor to even get a prescription to buy the frames!
    Lost and blind in Shreveport La.

  • Doris Green says:

    What is the brand name for the black and white glasses with metallic

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