5 Eyewear Trends Inspired by 2018 Golden Globes Fashion

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The biggest fashion statement at the 75th Golden Globes: solidarity. The red carpet turned into a sea of black as celebrities wore the color in support of the Time’s Up movement.
Color may have been absent from the event, but celebrities didn’t hold back on bringing their fashion A-game. The stunning, head-turning fashion moments of the red carpet had a powerful presence.

TREND: Va-va-Volume

Many stars turned to silhouette to make a statement, pumping up the volume all the way to large and in charge! Actress Alison Brie and singer Kelly Clarkson both opted for bold ballroom styles, while young starlet Millie Bobbie Brown rocked a black mini with voluminous ruffles on top.

Let your eyewear speak volumes with these bold round frames. The smooth curving of this frame is reminiscent of the full skirts on the carpet.

TREND: Highlight with a Hue

Black may have been the lead actor/actress, but color played a great supporting role. Stars like Catherine Zeta Jones and Zoe Kravitz rocked bold emerald statement earrings to splash some color onto their evening look. Others like Mandy Moore incorporated a pop of red with a sash, earrings, and a classic red lip.


Bring your black suns to life with these feminine tea cup shape frames. Its pop of colored paisley is just enough to make the eyewear playful, but not overshadow its bold sleekness.

TREND: Black Frost

It was unequivocally women’s night to shine, and shine they did. Ladies like Saoirse Ronan wore a sleek black gown with strong shoulders, wrapped in a metallic stripe, and Margot Robbie stunned in a gown with a cascading floral embellishment made entirely of silver sequins.

Don’t be afraid to frost your eyewear with a little (or a lot) or sparkle too. Try these rich cat-eye frames adorned with a spattering of jewels.

TREND: Suit Up

Women wearing pants was a theme at this year’s show. Claire Foy, Gal Gadot, Christina Hendricks, and Lena Waithe showed us that a chic pantsuit could be just as elegant and glamorous as a gown.

Emulate with eyewear by opting for sleek square frames. Not only are they unisex, but they have such a smoothness about them, they’ll feel tailor-made for your face.

TREND: Men in Black

The men of Hollywood also dazzled in head-to-toe blackout looks. Ditching the traditional white shirt tux, many actors like Kit Harrington, Richard Jenkins, and Chris Hemsworth opted for modern black on black ensembles.

Get the perfect mix of that traditional yet modern look with these contemporary double bridge frames.

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  • Annabelle says:

    What brand are Oprah’s eyeglasses at her Golden Globe acceptance speech’?

  • […] We can’t get enough of these, vintage-inspired Ferragamo suns. Their unique shaping near the nose pads along with a keyhole bridge and double brow bar take this statement piece to the top of our list. In fact, this style made the top of the list from our recap of the 2018 Golden Globes. […]

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