Oscars 2018 Fashion Trends

5 Eyewear Trends Inspired by 2018 Oscars Fashion

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Hollywood’s award season is officially over, and this year, presenters managed to get through it without any envelope blunders. As always, the Academy Awards brought out the best in color, sparkles, and fashion-forward statements.

Here are the top 5 fashion trends from Hollywood’s biggest night, and how you can emulate each look with eyewear from Eyeconic—VSP’s in-network online eyewear store.

Oscars 2018 Fashion Trend


Hollywood’s leading ladies made us blush with subtle pretty in pink hues. Mira Sorvino showcased a romantic princess vibe with her embellished rose-colored gown, while Gina Rodriguez’s plunging sparkle dress is what champagne dreams are made of. Best actress nominee Saoirse Ronan took a more modern chic take on the feminine color.  The Lady Bird star showcased a pink strapless dress with a voluminous bow in the back.
Emulate with eyewear: Look through rose-colored glasses with these thin oversized-round frames.

Oscars 2018 Fashion Trend


Head-to-toe white seems to be a recurring trend on the red carpet every year, but this year, celebrities paired their crisp white ensembles with unique necklines that showed off the shoulder. From Laura Dern’s silk dress with a draped tie at the shoulder to Margot Robbie’s bejeweled off-the-shoulder gown, a little cold shoulder never hurt anyone.
Emulate with eyewear: Just like the smooth roll of the shoulder, these round metal frames curve at the top with a sophisticated flair.

Oscars 2018 Fashion Trend


Nothing says bold and the beautiful quite like the blooming floral print dresses that graced Hollywood’s main event. Typically, a floral print can feel romantic and sweet, but this year, celebrities amped up the flower power. Rita Moreno brought back her 1962 brocade ballgown covered in giant metallic blossoms, while Andra Day literally laid it all out there on the red carpet with her pink and blue floral gown. Then there was Whoopi Goldberg’s belted ballgown adorned with bright purple and gold flowers—just the big print needed to match the big personality.
Emulate with eyewear: Avoid being a late bloomer in this trend with these paisley patterned teacup shaped frames.

Oscars 2018 Fashion Trend


Oscar wasn’t the only one covered in gold. Stars were dripping in shimmery gold numbers giving Oscar himself a run for his money. Jennifer Lawrence dazzled in a liquid gold sweetheart gown, while Lupita Nyong’o went for a one-shoulder chainmail dress with strong embellishments across the bodice. And who can forget Sandra Bullock’s ombré halter dress.
Emulate with eyewear: Add a little Midas touch to your every day look with these attention-grabbing frames, complete with an embossed snakeskin accent that adds a glamorous, yet tough-girl vibe.

Oscars 2018 Fashion Trend


If anyone knows how to be original, it’s Adam Rippon. After skating into our hearts during the 2018 Winter Games, he had the internet in a standing ovation for his unforgettable look on the red carpet. The American figure skater stole the show even before it started by donning a leather and metal harness under his tuxedo. Though this was a one-of-a-kind look, Rippon wasn’t the only one taking some risks with the classic tux. Chadwick Boseman incorporated some Wakandan flare to his red carpet look with a knee-length suit jacket decked out in silver embroidery along his lapel and down the back.
Emulate with eyewear: Don’t be afraid to take a risk with this edgy take on the classic aviator. There’s nothing shy about the sleek metal frame and industrial double bridge.


Illustrations courtesy of Jeff Brown, a talented designer who works in our innovation lab, The Shop. You can check out more of Jeff’s beautiful fashion illustrations on Instagram at @iamjeffbrown.


  • Charlotte Farley says:

    All ugly, the last people I would want to take suggestions from, attendees at the Oscars! You must be kidding.

  • Sandra Basler says:

    AWESOME drawings!! Love the different styles of glasses. The description really gives an idea of how to pair the glasses with your own fashion. Thanks!

  • J Wallace says:

    I love the sketches. It’s nice to see different frame shapes on various face shapes. Thank you!

  • Becky says:

    No thank you.

  • Noone says:

    Who on earth wants to look anything like a celebrity? They are the same as everyone else in this world! Maybe with a lot less morals and values then some people. Why not ask the “every-day average-person” what they want in eyewear?

  • Chris says:

    Love the post. Please put up more like this. I usually get great fashion ideas from TV and movies.

  • Linda says:

    Very ugly. Wish they would get a clue!

  • karen Fetters says:

    I love these glasses and seeing what the celebs are wearing. The glasses Oprah wore were amazing!

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