5 Ways VSP is Committed to a Sustainable Future

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Earth Day VSP SustainabilityWhile VSP will join in Earth Day celebrations on April 22nd, “going green” is not just a one-day event around here. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is something we take seriously 365 days a year. While we recognize there is still much work to be done, we wanted to share five recent examples of how we are working to be good stewards of the earth and creating a more sustainable future.

Electric Vehicles. In 2017, VSP installed electric vehicle charging ports, which comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) parking standards. We have approximately fifty employees who use the charging stations on a regular basis. We continue to explore electric vehicle options and are assessing adding additional charging stations as our community grows. In a little more than a year after installing the electric vehicle charging ports, we avoided 12,600 kg of greenhouse emissions.

Waste Diversion. We consistently meet and exceed our 80% annual landfill diversion goal. We also perform frequent waste audits to ensure alignment with this goal. The stats below highlight the volume of this effort in 2018.

  • 800 lbs. of batteries recycled
  • 5 tons of electronic waste properly disposed
  • 600 lbs. of recycled light bulbs
  • 13 tons of green waste recycled
  • 5 tons of oil recycled
  • 110 tons of paper shredded
  • 5 tons of furniture recycled
  • 3 tons of construction and demolition recycled
  • 71 tons of every-day recycling
  • 227 tons composted

Local Renewable Energy Programs. VSP participates in the green energy programs with local utility companies. These programs offer businesses ways to support renewable energy which in turn helps the local economy, ecosystems, and saves money for businesses.

Bicycling. In addition to offering support to our cycling community with spacious bike lockers, bike repair stations, and locker rooms with showers, VSP has a mobile bike repair service that comes to campus on a bi-weekly basis. In 2018 alone, that company serviced nearly 100 employee bikes. We also worked with local partners to help establish a bike share program for the surrounding community near our global headquarters.

Lighting. Over the past two years, all campus parking lot and landscape lighting has been replaced with LED technology. We recycled over 300 bulbs that were due for replacement while also improving parking lot and pathway lighting (and safety)!

Taking care of our environment is a priority at VSP that our employees take great pride in. However, our work is not done. We will continue to look for ways to lessen our ecological footprint as VSP approaches its 65th year.

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