A Day in the Life of Mom

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A day in the life of mom is filled with many competing priorities, including managing your overall health. However, with so many wellness trends (We see you, celery juice!) and an endless to-do list, taking care of yourself can sometimes feel overwhelming. Not to mention all the effort that goes into taking care of a family on top of that. Let’s face it, sometimes your own health needs might slip to the bottom of the priority list. In fact, a recent survey we conducted with YouGov revealed that two-thirds of parents prioritize their children’s eye health more than their own.

With all the health decisions that need to be made, moms often play the chief medical officer (CMO) role for their households. We talked with several moms about what it’s really like to be the CMO for their families.

At VSP, we want to help you cut through the clutter and get back to what matters most when it comes to taking care of yourself and your family. Sometimes it’s the small wins along the way, like scheduling everyone’s annual eye exam, that can have the biggest impact.

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