A Vision to Pay It Forward

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In a room full of people, you couldn’t miss Evangeline’s smile as she tried on her beautiful new Nike glasses.

Evangeline is one of more than 1,600 people who received no-cost eye care and eyewear last year in the five days leading up to the #VSP60th, and she told a very special story.

She’s used her skills as a commercial driver to help train drivers for a local program that connects people looking for work with needed services, including transportation. The care that she received through VSP Mobile Eyes did so much more than provide Evangeline with clear vision. It also made it possible for her to continue to pay it forward.

It’s the opportunity to help people in need, like Evangeline, see what’s possible that inspires us to continue working to increase access to eye care for everyone.

What will healthy eyes and clear vision make possible for you in 2016?

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