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3 Tips for Accessorizing with Glasses

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For many people, glasses are a required accessory. But it can be tricky at times to pair those glasses with other accessories like earrings, necklaces, and hats. To help you up your fashion game, we put together our top three tips for accessorizing with glasses. Keep them in mind when you’re trying to find the right balance between your glasses and the other pieces you like to wear.

Earrings and Glasses

Finding the perfect earrings for your outfit is a good feeling, but you don’t want your earrings and glasses to compete with one another. If you wear frames that extend the width of your face, like a cat-eye frame, try some sparkly studs for your ears. Your earrings will complement your look instead of overwhelm it as they might with hoops or danglers.

Necklaces and Glasses

A dainty necklace can work with any style of glasses, but if you like big, chunky necklaces you should choose frames that are more toned down. Your best bet with a statement necklace is a rimless or wire-framed pair of glasses. These frame types will keep the attention on your main accessory—your necklace. For example, notice the chunkier frame below draws your eye up to it whereas the thin-framed glasses let the eyes fall to the necklaces.

Hats and Glasses

If you’re wearing a ball cap, accessorizing with glasses is simple because many different frame types will deliver the same casual look. We used a classic aviator style in our example below, but thicker frames would work as well. If you’re wearing a boater’s hat or floppy beach hat, you’ll definitely want to rock a bigger, chunkier frame to match your fun hat.   

Insurance for those Glasses

If you’re looking to update your prescription frames to better match your accessories but don’t have vision insurance, look into a VSP Individual Vision Plan. Plans start as low as $17 a month and include an eye exam from a VSP Network Provider and a generous frame and/or contact lens allowance.


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