Actress Jamie Chung Talks Fall Eyewear Trends for 2017

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Actress and blogger Jamie Chung was asked questions about fall fashion, her eyewear inspirations, and how she styles her Transition lenses. Read her interview below.

Q: Fall is our favorite time of year. What are your wardrobe staples for the season?

Jamie: My favorite time of year is fall! Nothing beats watching the leaves change. As it starts to cool down, you get to layer up. Some of my essentials include a structured blazer from Smythe, a cashmere sweater by Anine Bing, a perfect pair of boots by ArchiveHue stockings and a good pair of jeans by ReDone.

Q: You have great taste in eyewear.  What tips do you have for picking out frames?

Jamie: First, I love to have fun with it and recommend choosing something that you are excited to put on because lenses are the most important part of the visual experience. There are so many styles out there. Pick one that speaks to you. Start with figuring out your face shape and what style frame will best complement it. And don’t forget to think about your skin and hair color and what will go best. I love having a few different frames to go with a number of styles, but even if you have just one pair you should pick something that you feel good in.

Q: What types of outdoor activities do you enjoy? Does that impact how you select your frames?

Jamie: I really enjoy doing anything outdoors, but my favorite activities are running, hiking and taking walks with my dog. When I am headed out, I think about which pair of Transitions work best for my day—both activity and style. I typically pick a lightweight frame for runs and hikes, but what I like best about my Transitions is that they adapt to any light so I don’t have to bring another pair of glasses with me, they are clear indoors and a perfect tint outside.

Q: What attracted you to Transitions?

Jamie: A couple of years back I went to my optometrist to check on some raised yellow spots on the whites of my eyes. He told me that the spots are called Pinguecula and that they are caused by UV rays from the sun. I didn’t realize that your eyes could become damaged from the sun. The more research I did, the more I learned about the damage that can be done to your eyes not only from the harmful UV rays from the sun, but also from harmful blue light that is emitted from computers and smart phones. I also learned that the sun also emits harmful blue light, and in fact, is the largest single source of harmful blue light.  Transitions lenses help protect you from all that. Plus now that I’m in my 30’s, my eyesight is starting to diminish and I want to take every measure possible to protect and take care of my eyes.

With Transitions lenses, I know my eyes are protected both indoors and out. But beyond the protection, they are also very on-trend. I have several pairs in various tints including grey, brown and graphite green, and styles that are the perfect accessory to any outfit.

Q: Some people think you can’t be fashionable and comfortable. What do you think?

Jamie: I will admit there are certain pieces I own that are fashionable, but uncomfortable. I have some amazing shoes, but I can’t walk very far in them. Luckily, I don’t have to choose comfort over style when it comes to my Transitions lenses. You can have both in a single pair of glasses.

Q: When it comes to eyewear style, who inspires you? Who is your eyewear icon?

Jamie: The first person that comes to mind is Iris Apfel. She is a style icon in her own right but also famous for her bold round bifocals. Additionally, Diane Keaton and Audrey Hepburn have both played iconic and timeless roles in personalized eye wear.

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