Ambassadors Take Level Smart Glasses for a Spin

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Level smart glasses have arrived, but if you’re still considering if they would be a good fit for you, let our Level ambassadors help. Level ambassadors are a group of real people brought together to share their experience with Level.

As a refresher, Level tracks your activity, including your steps, calories burned and distance traveled. The activity-tracking technology is seamlessly embedded inside the temple of an optical frame and the activity data can be viewed through an accompanying smartphone app. As users reach daily step goals, they earn points towards a donation of vision care services to individuals in need. Many people can also apply their vision benefits to buy Level smart glasses.

VSP selected 30 employees from around the country to share their smart glasses style, adventures and activity tracking on social media and in person.

smart glasses

smart glasses

“People are loving the ability to touch and feel my frames and ask questions about my experience wearing them,” said Tiffany C., Level Ambassador and Vision Care Administrator. “What is more exciting is that since I have received my frames, some of the same people who have asked me about my glasses have used their vision benefits to get Level for themselves.”

The Level ambassadors recently got together to share what they are enjoying about their smart glasses and how best to use the activity tracking technology.

“I love the reactions I get from people when I show them my Level smart glasses and explain how they track my steps and calories burned,” said Stacy D., Level Ambassador and Marchon/Altair Customer Service Representative. “Everyone wants to try them on and can’t believe how fashionable they are.”

smart glasses

“My awareness about my activity level has increased by tracking my steps using the Level app, whether it’s walking from meeting to meeting at work or going on a nature walk with my son on the weekends,” said Tiffany C.

To follow along with the Level ambassadors, search the hashtag #LevelTech on social media. Additional stories of people using Level smart glasses will be shared on VSP Vision Care’s social channels. In the meantime, check to see if Level smart glasses are in a city near you. The Level app is now available for iOS and Android devices.

All Level ambassadors are VSP employees and received a free pair of Level smart glasses, valued at $270 for the frames plus the prescription lenses and lens enhancements.

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