Anne Klein Celebrates 50 Years of Style

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Anne Klein celebrates 50 years of its iconic brand heritage with a new eyewear collection that combines vintage design, modern detailing, with a celebratory splash of gold.

Join in the celebration and enter to win a pair of limited edition Anne Klein Sunglasses and reusable water bottle. Five (5) winners total! Sweepstakes ends November 8, at 11: 59 p .m. PT.

How to Enter:

    • Login below on the Anne Klein 50th Anniversary Sweepstakes entry form with your email address or through Facebook.
    • Click the entry options and follow the instructions.
    • Each entry equals one point. You may complete each entry option once, each point earned equals one entry for a total of up to five entries.

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View the collection:


These limited-edition sunglasses sparkle with gold details commemorating Anne Klein’s 50th Anniversary. Shop the look on Eyeconic.


These round sunglasses feature a color tortoise design in handmade acetate with Anne Klein block logo on the temples. Shop the look on Eyeconic.


These classic full rim acetate frames feature cut out tortoise detailing on the front with matching temples. Shop the look on Eyeconic.


These full rim flat metal frames feature two tone coloring on the frame fronts and embossed Anne Klein logo along the temples. Shop the look on Eyeconic.

Shop Anne Klein on or find a VSP network doctor near you that carries Anne Klein eyewear.


  • Mary K Lyon says:

    AK7050 is my first choice. AK5058 is my second choice.

  • Christopher Martin says:

    AK7050 look best.

  • Robin Miller says:


  • Ann Horne says:

    Beautiful glasses! Love them

  • Dana Moore says:

    AK7050 would suit me the best

  • Debbie Terry says:

    the 7050s

  • Howard Steeley says:

    great gift

  • Beautiful Collection of Glasses!

  • Stephanie Snyder says:

    I love all of the glasses!

  • Anne Pechstein says:

    Love these glasses!

  • Kathy Duret says:

    Always so fashionable

  • Michele M Grow says:

    I would love the AK5071, or the AK7050 glasses. Thank you!

  • Doug Whitlow says:

    My sweetie will be the belle of the ball in these stunning AK7050 glasses.

  • Jill H says:

    Nice! AK5071 is my favorite?

  • Jana S says:

    I love the AK7054 frames.

  • JOanna says:

    very youthful & vibrant

  • sandra SULLIVAN says:


  • Lisa says:

    Anne Klein rocks.

  • Terri Harbin says:

    Love Ann Klein! I’ll need a new purse and maybe shoes and now that I think about it…s new outfit to go with my new sunglasses. 🙂

  • Dinah Lovett says:

    AK5071 YUMMY!

  • Corey Parker says:

    AK5068 – is by far the best.

  • Dawn evans says:


  • Ramona Smith says:

    I love anything Anne Klien. My favorite designer.

  • gria ANDOLINA says:

    AK7054 is so me all over….

  • terri says:

    AK7054 first choice.

  • Karen Frye says:

    Very classy glasses. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the sweepstakes

  • Love the glasses, would love to be the winner.

  • Patrice says:

    AK5071 are really lovely. Very stylish!

  • Jodi says:

    I would love to own the AK7050 with the 50th edition gold accents. Would be perfect for me! I do need new eye wear to protect them from the rays! Please Enter Me!

  • danell palmer says:

    AK7054 are my favorite

  • Laura Worthington says:

    want to win!

  • Lisa Adams says:

    AK5071 is my fave

  • Robin Paris says:

    AK5071 for every day wear; AK5071 for sunglasses, for sure! Had cataract surgery, so sunglasses are my best friends!

  • Greta Kirby says:

    AK7054 I like. The others…….NOOOOOOOO! I will be glad when the fashion industry gets out of these bookworm type sunglasses!

  • Sherry Wilkins says:

    Pretty glasses!

  • Dale says:

    Live AK 5071. Love the clean look

  • Hope says:

    AK5074 just all around sleek & awesome

  • Rita Pierno says:

    A great contest and wonderful gift(s)!

  • Opal DeHart says:

    AK 7050 is my choice – love the frames

  • Opal DeHart says:

    Love #AK7050 – very pretty

  • Opal DeHart says:


  • Jeanette Calderwood says:

    Don’t want big gaudy sunglasses. Just normal looking glasse with classy looks like

  • a5071 is my first choice and my second choice

  • Diane says:

    They’re all stunning, but AK5071 is my favorite.

  • Linda Gould says:

    Love AK5071! I sure hope that I win

  • Calshondra Williams says:

    I love the AK5071 glasses! Classy they are my style.

  • rosemary says:


  • Joyce says:

    I would love to win a pair of Anne Klein sunglasses! I have had a pair in the past and they are very comfortable! Thanks for giving me a chance to enter the sweepstakes!

  • Beatriz Fernandez says:

    AK 7050đź’•

  • Vera King says:

    Great looking styles and so many choices. Cant go wrong with that

  • Carl says:

    Great selection

  • Betty Bruns says:


  • Vikki says:

    I love AK7050.

  • Suzanne Angelo says:

    Beautiful glasses. Have CAP and need to make my appointment.

  • CHARLENE says:

    AK7050 lOOKS GREAT

  • Betty Funk says:

    Great selection but I like AK5071 the best

  • Martine St John says:

    AK750 would be my choice!

  • Janet Scott says:

    AK7054 and
    AK7050 are really nice!

  • Diane J. Rafter says:

    AK7050 are the only ones for me! Sweet.

  • I think AK5071 are for me!

  • I was treatedlike one of their own.

  • I was treated like one of their own.

  • Kimberly Wood says:

    AK5068 would work for me.

  • Carol McCrobie says:

    I hope I win

  • Steven Cook says:

    AK5071 are the best by far.

  • Vicki Davey says:

    Love these sunglasses (AK7050)

  • Debbie Pena says:


  • Yolanda Collopy says:

    Anne Klein is Classic style

  • Beth Ballard says:


  • Julaine George says:

    AK5071 Love it!

  • Barbara Dorsey says:

    tourtoise shell

  • DJ Miller says:

    really nice

  • dodi says:

    They all are classy glasses!

  • Christina moore says:

    Love the glasses

  • Joanna DeWees says:

    Love AK7050!

  • Lynn Oldmixon says:

    AK7054 are delightful

  • Raymond Patt says:


  • Nancy Rexroad says:


  • rosemary says:


  • AK7050 Anniversary Anne Klein sunglasses

  • Deborah Cotton says:

    Anything AK is on my holiday list!

  • Tina Byers says:

    AK5071 are just my style!

  • Emily Clark says:

    The glasses are looks so beautiful. AK5071 is my first choice. Its Shadetreeglasses which provides such type of sun glassess. Thank you.

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