Appreciate Your Telecommuters

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I want to publicly thank all of my coworkers who should be recognized during “Telecommuter Appreciation Week,” which lasts from March 3– 9.

In fact, “61 VSP employees [in the Claim Services’ department] participate in a telecommuter program,” according to Dan B. who is on the management team. Several other department teams have employees who telecommute for portions of their work week, too.


VSP telecommuters reduce air pollution from vehicle emissions, decrease the number of cars on freeways, and make it that much easier for our guests to find parking spots at our offices.  Now, picture your office with that many free parking spots! With the national price of gas above $4 a gallon, imagine the savings! In addition, several of our telecommuters who live outside of the city limits spend zero commute time in the car, which translates to more time with family.  “I feel fresh when I start my work, because I haven’t been on the road for an hour,” said Georgia H.

But don’t telecommuters miss out on communications and interactions?

Productivity Tools

VSP equips our telecommuting work force with tools, so they can be virtually here in the office. They can instant message, teleconference (Jabber) and connect with their teams and peers on Socialcast. “My desk is set up so I feel very productive. This is the best decision I’ve made for my career!” said Lori W.

Speaking of career opportunities, the management teams in our Claims and Customer Care divisions recently combined telecommuting project efforts, which provided Kim H. at the Eastern Operations Center in Columbus, Ohio with new responsibilities for managing that telecommuting workforce.

So to my fellow employees who telecommute, “We appreciate you!”




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