Are Halloween Contact Lenses a Danger to My Eyes?

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Halloween contact lenses can be scary—for your eye health! Decorative contact lenses look cool, but can have serious eye risks if you’re not careful.

Dr. Nichole Moos talks about the terrifying consequences of not buying from a reputable source and what you should pay attention to when purchasing decorative contact lenses in the latest Ask An Eye Doc video below.

Why do we need a prescription from our eye doctor? Aren’t all contact lenses the same?

“The answer is no,” said Dr. Moos. “They come in different materials, shapes and sizes. It’s really important that that lens is fitting properly on the eye, that it’s not cutting off circulation to your eye and that it’s not going to be rubbing on your eye.”

Dr. Moos said eye doctors will prescribe contact lenses that are FDA approved, and that’s important.

“The other thing is, the FDA-approved contact lenses that your doctor prescribed, they’re safe for the eyes,” she said. “Ones that are found at the flea markets or online through unapproved sales, they can have contaminants in the packages. Contacts are like little sponges. They soak up all the bacteria, and your eye could be bathing in bacteria for a whole night.”

Maybe you should be afraid, after all.


  • Sintia says:

    I really to go for get a prescription for my halloween contact lenses but that add a good value to my costume 🙂

  • lenses says:

    Thanks alot for this useful information

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