Are in-school vision screenings the same as an eye exam?

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Fall is here and school is in. Make sure your kids have the best start to the school-year by starting with good vision. Comprehensive eye exams can help detect vision problems and a variety of conditions affecting both eye health and overall wellness.

While in-school vision screenings can help identify some vision issues, it’s important to know that they are not as thorough as a comprehensive eye exam performed by an eye doctor. Vision screenings test for how well you see, helping to determine if you are near or far-sighted, but can miss common vision conditions such as poor eye alignment and chronic health conditions like diabetes. Early detection of vision conditions can be especially helpful in treatment because children’s eye develop the most before age 7.

A mom recently shared her personal story of how eye exams uncovered vision issues that were affecting her daughters’ performance in school. These vision issues could have been left uncorrected if she hadn’t taken her daughters in for that initial eye exam. This is not uncommon; one in four children have undetected vision issues. Why so many? Kids do not always complain of vision problems, often because they don’t realize what clear vision is to begin with. To catch vision problems early, children should receive their first comprehensive eye exam at 6 months old,  again at 3 years old, before entering kindergarten and then yearly after that.

Watch the video below to see the difference between an in-school vision screening and a comprehensive eye exam.

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  • Early vision screenings prove crucial in helping to catch visual delays or perceptual development delays. We specialize in the treatment of oculomotor dysfunction, amblyopia or “lazy eye”, visual perception delays, deyslexia, reading difficulties and other vision development diagnoses. Make sure to have your child seen by an Optometrist specializing in pediatric vision development as early as possible.

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