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Ask An Eye Doc: Why does liquid squirt out of my eyes?!

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“Sometimes when I blow my nose, liquid squirts out of the inner corner of my eye. Is that normal? Why does it do that?” – Ericka


We get a lot of interesting questions from VSP members, and we’re working with doctors to answer them for you. In this edition, Ericka seems to have the perfect party trick. A little practice with your aim and you could be looking at a lengthy run on America’s Got Talent. While it sounds more like a circus act, it’s actually quite normal.

The Breakdown

Your eyes have a passageway, called the nasolacrimal duct, which goes into your nose. There is a little hole at the top of that duct on your lower lid called the punctum. When you cry, this is where tears drain from your eyes to the nose. That’s also why your nose runs when every time you cry.

So when you blow your nose really hard, you increase pressure enough to force the usually one-way valve to invert. When you do that, you’re actually sending a stream of liquid straight out of the punctum of your eyelid and onto your eye. It’s a pretty interesting talent, but there is no need to be alarmed.

The Takeaway

Try to blow your nose less forcefully. If that doesn’t work, don’t forget to remind the people around that they’re in the splash zone.

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This post and video were reviewed by Dr. Masoud Nafey, O.D.

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