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Augmented Reality Glasses Give Hope to Those Blind in One Eye

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When people lose vision in one eye it becomes extremely difficult to judge distance.  They can still see through the other eye, but they lack “binocular depth perception” – the ability to perceive three dimensional space.  Researchers at the University of Yamanashi in Japan have discovered a way to address this problem by developing augmented reality glasses.

The research team started out with a pair of commercially available 3D glasses, which have a small camera protruding from each lens.  Then, they created software that combines the images collected by each camera and produces a “defocus” effect – where some objects remain in focus while others stay out of focus.  As a result, people wearing them gain a sense of depth in their healthy eye.

These glasses aren’t available yet, but hopefully it will be soon.  It’s amazing to witness another technology breakthrough! Read the full article on MIT Technology Review.


  • jerry says:

    please e-mail when glasses are available

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