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Meet Roxy, A Pilot Dog

Photo of Renee with her guide dog Roxy

In December, we introduced VSP Global employee Renee Emmerson and her inspiring journey. Today, we’d like to introduce Roxy, Renee’s guide dog! Roxy, a 2-year old Black Labrador, was raised and trained by Pilot Dogs, Inc., in Columbus, Ohio. When she was ready to graduate, Pilot Dogs taught Renee and Roxy how to work together. Here’s what Read More »


Giving Sight in Nicaragua and Beyond

Photo of Marlon, a young man from Nicaragua, wearing his new glasses

Marlon was once among the 17% of Nicaraguans who suffer from avoidable vision impairment. Just like many of his classmates, Marlon was unable to see the blackboard and struggling in school, all because he lacked access to an eye exam and glasses. Today, Marlon can see! That’s because, in 2010, Optometry Giving Sight partnered with Read More »


Finding Clarity After A Disaster

In mid-August, an unusual storm hovered over Baton Rouge, dropping more than 7 trillion gallons of water. The storm, described by residents as a “500-year flood,” resulted in the nearby Amite River cresting higher than ever recorded in history. According to the Red Cross, more than 160,000 homes were damaged. Many of the thousands who Read More »

Emergency Preparedness: Eye Care Edition

Is your emergency preparedness plan up to date? Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3: Know the types of disasters most common to your area. Emergencies can range from the personal, such as house fires, to community-wide, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, or floods. Learn about the disasters most likely to strike where you live, and Read More »

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A Vision to Pay It Forward

In a room full of people, you couldn’t miss Evangeline’s smile as she tried on her beautiful new Nike glasses. Evangeline is one of more than 1,600 people who received no-cost eye care and eyewear last year in the five days leading up to the #VSP60th, and she told a very special story. She’s used her skills as a Read More »