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The Most Rewarding Job

Photo of Mr. Minor

“And then Katrina came. Wiped out everything I had.” Mr. Minor was a small business owner and, like so many New Orleans residents, had to quickly evacuate in the face of Hurricane Katrina’s wrath 10 years ago, leaving his glasses behind. Dr. Jarrett Johnson began her career in public health and opened her first eye care practice Read More »

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Celebrating Volunteers On #GivingTuesday

Today is #GivingTuesday, a day to give back, which is just what a handful of VSP Global employees are traveling to Alabama to do. They’re volunteering on a VSP Mobile Eyes clinic this week, in partnership with University of Alabama at Birmingham optometry students, to provide no-cost eye exams and glasses for more than 350 people in Read More »

The “A-ha!” Moment

Photo of Kathy

“Well, gosh, I must be a real klutz then.” That’s what Kathy thought every time she tried to play catch with her older brother, a star basketball and football player in high school. By the time she was 37, she had long given up on sports, but thought it might be time for reading glasses to continue Read More »

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We See: Lebogang’s Vision

It doesn’t matter where you live, mothers around the world, like Joice, want what is best for their children. Living in Soweto, South Africa, Joice’s youngest daughter, Lebogang was having a hard time at school, her grades were swiftly declining and there was concern for her future studies. “I took my child to the hospital Read More »

We See: Reitumetse’s New Glasses

Eighth grade can be a major turning point that marks the end of middle school and new beginnings in high school. Children who don’t see well can have an especially difficult time making the transition. For years, 13-year-old Reitumetse would sit so close to the television her face would almost touch the screen. When reading, Read More »

The Sky’s The Limit

Photo of Ally

“I kind of thought everybody thought the board was blurry.” If you’re just starting school and everything around you—or even just the paper in front of you—is blurry, how would it change the way you interact with the world? Watch as 9-year-old Ally and 11-year-old Maddy tell their stories. One in four children has an undiagnosed vision problem Read More »

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VSP Mobile Eyes: First Outreach in Canada

Originally designed to equip optometrists to provide no-cost eye exams and glasses for those affected by disaster, SeeZar is one of three VSP Mobile Eyes clinics that have already traveled more than 432,005 miles (695,245 kilometres) across the U.S. to partner with local communities and charitable organizations to increase access to eye care wherever there’s Read More »

The Best Way To Celebrate An Anniversary

It’s our 60th anniversary! Even better than a cake or presents is seeing the diamond-like sparkle in the eyes of a young man who’s just received the eye exam and glasses he needs to help him on his journey from homelessness to successful, independent living. To kick off an extended celebration of our founding in September 1955, VSP Global recently spent the day at the California State Capitol. The Read More »

We See, A Child Eye Health Project: Keamogetswe’s Story

Keamogetswe, an 11-year-old student in Soweto, South Africa, loves school—especially his Social Science, English, Maths and Afrikaans classes. Last year, he began finding it difficult to concentrate because he had trouble seeing and, not surprisingly, his grades started to fall. In South Africa today, there are fewer than 300 optometrists available in the public sector for a Read More »