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Happy Left Handers Day

What do Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, and President Barack Obama all have in common? While all three bask in the glow of the celebrity spotlight, what you may not know is that each one is also left-handed. And as I gear up with fellow southpaws to celebrate Left Handers Day, I’m reminded that being left-handed Read More »

Viewing the Supermoon

Not sure what a perigree full moon is? This phenomena is more commonly known as a “supermoon” and the one coming upon Sunday, August 10, will be the most impressive of the year coming a mere 221,765 miles from earth which is about 30,000 miles closer than is typical due to the parabolic arc of its Read More »

Eye on the Ball: Sports Vision and Soccer

Every four years the world unites in a wonderfully crazy passionate time to cheer, laugh and cry (we all feel for Brazil…) for a sport that transcends cultures, borders and social status. While the U.S. is just now starting to show the beginnings of becoming a soccer “fanation” with the rest of the world, this Read More »

Twin Boys Born With Anophthalmia: Both Missing Left Eye

As a new mom of twins, I know first-hand about the double joys and challenges of twins. That’s why I was so touched when I read this story about a local family whose two-month-old twin boys—Jackson and Jameson Lopez—were born with a genetic condition called anophthalmia, the medical term for missing one or both eyes, Read More »

Behind the Scenes of DVF | Made for Glass

Today marks the launch of the highly anticipated DVF | Made for Glass collection! This groundbreaking partnership underscores a unique intersection between fashion, technology and optics. The frames and sun shields are available for purchase through Net-a-Porter and Google. VSP was on the scene earlier this month when Diane von Furstenberg debuted the eye-catching new Read More »


Eye Healthy Strawberry-Kiwi Popsicles Recipe

Get ready for summer with homemade strawberry-kiwi popsicles. Last week when I was walking across the VSP campus, I didn’t have to take more than a few steps outside before I realized this was going to be one long hot walk. Let’s face it, we are looking at a steamy summer, but that just means Read More »