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Eye Doctor Helps Students Achieve Their Dreams

Eye Doctor Helps Students

Dr. Robert Meisel is a man of action. He served on active duty with the U.S. Navy and jumped out of helicopters for the U.S. Marines. He built a successful optometry practice before retiring, and then worked part-time to provide eye care to both veterans and prisoners. He volunteers locally and globally, in between trips Read More »

Sports Eye Safety on and off the Baseball Diamond

Sports Eye Safety

As the weather grows warmer, aspiring little leaguers have begun to channel their favorite Major League Baseball players and are ready to run the bases. Before your little one starts swinging a bat, there are several important things to know about sports-related eye injuries. Eye injuries from sports are all too common: every 13 minutes, Read More »


The Perfect Graduation Gift for Any Graduate

Graduation marks an important milestone where we recognize a student’s hard work and send them out into the world to accomplish their next great achievement. As we watch them grow and develop into the unique individuals they are, it’s fun to see the characteristics they take on. Some graduates are free spirits, accepting what the Read More »

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Must-Have Summer Sunglasses

Summer Sunglasses

It’s no secret that summer is a favorite season for many. The warmer months often bring along our favorite activities, like lounging by the pool, mingling with friends at a backyard BBQ, and traveling on that well-deserved summer vacation. We celebrated the season ahead with a summer kick-off party. We invited several fashion influencers to Read More »


Can an Eye Exam Detect Diabetes?

eye exam detect diabetes

Comprehensive eye exams are important for many reasons. Along with eye-related concerns, eye doctors may be able to detect other health issues during a comprehensive eye exam. Can you detect diabetes through an eye exam? “The answer is yes, yes you can,” said VSP network eye doctor Meghan Riegel, OD. According to Dr. Riegel, diabetes Read More »


Top 3 Ways to Soothe Seasonal Allergies

As winter shifts to spring, and flowers, grasses and trees begin to bloom, spring can take a toll on your eyes if you suffer from seasonal allergies. The spring season has a marked increase in pollen and allergens in the air, resulting in symptoms for allergy sufferers. What are allergies? According to the Asthma and Read More »

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