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VSP Network Doctor Helps Other Veterans See

While veterans generally report better health overall than their civilian counterparts, they are more likely to have heart disease and diabetes, two chronic conditions eye doctors often detect signs of before primary care providers. More than 1 million veterans have been diagnosed with low vision, including 160,000 who are legally blind. In addition, many veterans have Read More »

From a Million Possibilities to Caring for a Million More

​​In 2016, VSP Global celebrated the possibilities created by providing access to no-cost eye exams and glasses for 1 million people in need through Eyes of Hope. To mark this achievement, we committed to partnering with doctors of optometry to reach a #MillionMore adults and children in need by 2020.  Today, nearly two years ahead of schedule, we’ve already doubled the number of people in need who have gained access to Read More »

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#WeSeeYouMom: Mother’s Day

Moms are often the chief medical officers of their households and the first line of defense when it comes to their family’s health. They are on call 24 hours, through every stage of life, and most of it goes unacknowledged because they make it look so easy. To mothers of all kinds, thank you for doing Read More »


Vision Care and Concussions

A Mother’s Concerns As parents, keeping our children healthy and safe is at the top of the list. We do all we can to ensure that each day, they are maintaining habits that set the table for long-term health. From brushing their teeth to eating vegetables—everything matters. When illness arrives, we use the information available Read More »


On the Road Again to Helping a #MillionMore

This past week, VSP Global Eyes of Hope continued in its work to help a #MillionMore people in need see by 2020 by partnering with the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Since 2016, 13 cities across the U.S. have been visited by the VSP mobile eye care clinic, providing no-cost eye exams and glasses for adults Read More »