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What to Expect at an Eye Exam

Has it been awhile since your last eye exam? Maybe you’ve never been at all. You know you’re supposed to get your eyes checked every year, but sometimes the unfamiliar is intimidating. You keep putting it off until you learn that your eyes can reveal a lot about your overall health, and you’ve run out Read More »

Save up to 60% on Hearing Aids

If you or someone you know has been in the market for hearing aids lately, you’ve learned something—hearing aids are expensive. In fact, they can be thousands of dollars each. That’s where we come in. Because hearing is precious—just like vision—VSP members and their family get special pricing on hearing aids through TruHearing®. How special? Read More »

Heartfelt Things Your Eyes Can Tell You

Did you know that you have two secret weapons you’re born with that can help you manage your health for a long time? Your eyes, of course! That’s because comprehensive eye exams provide the only possible non-invasive view of blood vessels and the optic nerve. As a result, eye doctors can detect early signs of Read More »

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Eye Care in the New Year

As 2016 gets rolling, millions of people are focused on their New Year’s resolutions.  According to StatisticBrain.com, the top resolution made is to lose weight. Others include, quitting smoking and staying fit and healthy. If you look at the pattern of resolutions, wellness is the overall theme. Part of your wellness should include a WellVision Read More »

The Common Cold and Your Eyes

This time of year brings good a fresh start, but it can often be a time when catching a cold becomes common. Not only do some people have eye symptoms when they suffer from a cold, but you can actually pick up germs through your eyes. Regardless of where you live, your activities, or how Read More »

Winterize Your Eyes

As the temperatures drop, you may notice your eyes are getting drier. It’s common for eyes to be dry during the cold months, but it’s definitely not comfortable for those who suffer from it. So, what causes dry eyes? Chronic dry eyes can be the result of a host of conditions. During winter months a Read More »

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‘Tis the Season to be Saving

If you’re planning to visit your VSP doctor before the end of the year, we want to remind you to buy Ambien http://hotcanadianpharmacy.com/drugs/Ambien+Generic/ of the exclusive offers available to you as a VSP member. Here’s a peek at some of the latest deals you can enjoy: Extra $40 to spend on bebe, Calvin Klein, Flexon Read More »

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Feast for Your Eyes: Stuffing Recipe with Kale

Cheers to the holiday of giving thanks and yummy foods! This Thanksgiving, make something your eyes enjoy as much as your stomach. Add this eye-healthy stuffing dish to your table. It’s not just the vitamin A and beta-carotene in the carrots that are good for your retinas. Let’s give credit to the leafy green vegetables, Read More »

The Effects of Smoking on Your Eyes

Bad habits, we all have them, but “Healthy People 2020” has set a goal to make sure smoking isn’t one of them. A new study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that, while progress is being made, smoking and tobacco use remain a concern for the health of millions of Read More »

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