Save money while getting your family back-to-school ready

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Summer activities are in full swing as we try to squeeze as much fun out of these warmer months as we can. However, it’s that time to start getting the kids ready to go back to school. Between shopping for new school supplies to organizing the fall schedule, there is a lot to be done. Let us help make it easier for your child to get back-to-school glasses.

back-to-school glasses

Take this quiz below to see what pair of back-to-school glasses is best for your child’s personality, style and activities. There is a pair of frames for kids who are sporty to kids who are artsy, and everyone in between. Plus, we’ve included tips to save time and money.

We want your kids to look good, feel good and, most importantly, see good! According to the American Optometric Association, good vision is key to a child’s success in school. It can impact everything from reading to eye-hand coordination in sports.

Ensure your child is in tip-top shape for school by also scheduling an annual eye exam. The eye doctor will be able to detect any vision problems and can help your child use the quiz results to pick out the perfect pair of glasses.

Need an eye doctor? Use our Find a Doctor tool to find one near you.



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