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With sunnier days ahead,  it’s the perfect time to amp up your spring wardrobe with gorgeous sunglasses from bebe eyewear. Whether you prefer something bold and sassy, or are drawn to sweet feminine details, like genuine Swarovski crystals, bebe has got you covered.

Tell us whether your sunglass style is sassy or sweet for a chance to win a new pair of bebe sunglasses!

How to enter:

1. Visit the “bebe Sassy or Sweet Giveaway” on the VSP Vision Care Facebook page.
2. Follow the instructions on the entry form.
3. Come back DAILY through  March 31st for a new chance to win! Fifteen (15) winners total!
See terms and conditions here.

Shop bebe eyewear on or find a VSP network practice that carries bebe frames here.



  • Marissa Conner says:

    My style could be sassy or sweet. It just depends on my mood for the day. However. If I had to choose one, I’d definitely say sassy

  • Clarice Skanes says:


  • Patricia Carson says:


  • Marie Simpson says:

    Sassy all the time!

  • Linda Tunick says:


  • Lisa Shope says:


  • Elizabeth says:

    My stlyle, I would have to say it’s sassy; yes definitely sassy!!!

  • Joanne Miksis says:


  • Susan White says:

    I would say sweet!

  • Sameth says:

    Sassy for sure!

  • Marshawna says:

    My style is both sassy and sweet.. because who said that sassy wasnt sweet?

  • Greg Carson says:

    sweet and sassy

  • Maria says:

    Definitely sassy , bcuz I am always sweet.

  • Matt Romocki says:


  • MelodyJ says:

    I like both Sweet and Sassy.

  • Leslie Ligon says:


  • Sara Otero says:

    Definitely sassy

  • Rebecca says:


  • Alyssa Buchele says:

    I’m a sucker for animal print, but an even bigger sucker for bling! Have to say sweet! 🙂

  • Amanda LeClair says:

    SASSY all the way!

  • JENNY TRAPP says:


  • Iva Kihorny says:

    I’m a pretty conservative style person, so I would love a ‘Sassy’ pair!

  • Deborah Perkins says:

    My style is sweet!

  • KEVA PERRY says:

    My eye style is SASSY!I love a little sass to go along with my sweet personality and sometimes you have “switch it up” by changing the style every summer. #shadegame #sassygame

  • Melody Banger says:

    If I have to wear glasses, they’re going to be sassy!

  • My style is definitely Sassy!

  • RITA A CARROLL says:

    Sassy for sure!!

  • Cecilia Dagnino says:


  • Emily Anderson says:


  • CORNELIA says:

    I’m Sweet and Sassy I’ve been told, I’m Sweet like Sugar, as good as gold and Sassy like fire. Due to my personality ,humble, wholesome and always greet other with a smile. I practice this every day. I decided Sweet. Yeah for Sweet People!! REAL

  • I ❤ the Sweet pair!!

  • Deb Tunning says:

    Definitely sassy

  • Sharon Sinnott says:

    I guess it would be sassy 🙂 Sweet phase is long gone for me

  • Jo Carpenter says:

    I am both sassy and sweet!!!

  • Lisa Thomas says:

    I am definitely a SASSY GIRL in my favorite pair of SASSY Style bebe Sunglasses! That’s the SASSY Way

  • Nancy Ramirez says:

    Classy with a hint of SASSY!

  • Katharina Layfield says:


  • Judi Condon says:


  • Leah says:

    I have never had prescription sunglasses so I would have a hard time deciding sweet or sassy , but I would love to give it a try!

  • Stephanie Means says:


  • Dee says:

    Definitely sweet 🙂

  • Tamara Johnson says:

    Super sassy!! I think Elton John Size glasses are super cool! Style is what you make it!

  • Deeneen says:

    Like the sweet!

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