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A third of eyeglasses wearers in the U.S. use progressive lenses to help them see at multiple distances – near, far and in between. While progressive lenses have been around for decades, many who need them have struggled to adjust to the lenses.

For some, they face limitations in the style of frames they can choose to ensure that their lenses can be made to fit inside the eyeglasses. Frames can’t be too small or may look strange with certain strong prescriptions. Also, others may not be able to adjust to their lenses and even report dizziness, blurry peripheral vision and difficulties distinguishing depth.

However, there have been huge strides in progressive lens technology over the last several years. Digital lenses, known sometimes as free-form or high-definition lenses, provide a new level of customization that was not possible before. Precise measurements of an individual are taken to tailor a lens not only to their unique prescription, but where their frame sits on their face and how far apart their eyes are.

The result? Digital lenses provide the most precise prescription, the clearest vision possible and are easier to adjust to than ever before. The technology is also thinner and lighter than old progressive lenses, allowing them to fit into virtually any frame and leave wearers free of those red marks that could develop from lenses causing glasses to weigh down on their noses.

Now you would think that this type of technological advancement would cost an arm and a leg! But, the secret is, it doesn’t! With your VSP benefit, UNITY digital lenses are affordable. In fact, you can save up to 50% compared to other lenses with special-access pricing from VSP. UNITY also boasts some of the highest adoption rates in the industry. So for first-time progressive wearers, you don’t need to worry about whether or not you will have trouble adjusting to your new prescription.

Now, you probably upgrade your cell phone technology every year or two to fit your lifestyle needs. Why wouldn’t you upgrade your lenses?

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