What Every Bicyclist Should Know

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“Bicycle! Bicycle! I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike…”

Those lyrics by Queen say a lot about the passion a bicyclist has for the sport. Yes, it’s good exercise.  And yes, having the right bicycle that fits you and your riding style is important. But did you know that having the right eye protection is also important for biking?

Don’t you want to keep those nasty bugs and junk out of your eyes? On a windy, dusty day in spring, good eye protection is a must for keeping those annoying flying bits of debris out.  Wraparound styles provide the most protection from these annoyances. And if you’re a follower of the VSP blog, you know how important proper UV protection is – just as your skin can sunburn, so can your eyes. That’s why it is recommended to wear sunglasses with 100% UVA/UVB protection.

And if you wear prescription eyeglasses, your eye doctor can recommend the right sunglasses that include lenses with your prescription. How do those sunglasses fit with your helmet straps? You ARE wearing a helmet, right? Because not only are your eyes important, but so is your grey matter.

People ride bikes for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’re riding to log miles for May is Bike Month. Maybe you’re riding for your health. Maybe you’re riding to keep up with your kids on their bikes. Whatever your reason for riding, we want you to be well and see well. So wear the proper eye protection and talk to your VSP eye doctor for helpful recommendations.

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  • Crystal says:

    It wasn’t while biking, but instead while snow skiing, but I got a nasty sunburn that included burning on my eyeballs as a teenager. I have learned my lesson and now am pretty diligent about sun protection for my eyes. You can learn from experience, but I recommend learning this lesson in other ways.

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