Eye Doctors are Concerned about Blue Light (Infographic)

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Did you know blue light is one of the top growing concerns of eye doctors today? VSP recently surveyed a sample of our 30,000 eye doctors and they reported an alarming concern about the potential hazards of blue light.

Buy why all the hubbub now? Well that’s a great question and the answer is fairly straight forward. We’ve always been exposed to blue light (from the sun) but exposure used to end when the sun went down. Now children are growing up on digital devices and our exposure to blue light is constant for most of the time we are awake. That’s what is concerning doctors.

What doctors have to say about blue light



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  • Larry Adale McDonald says:


  • Larry Adale McDonald says:


  • Terri Curtis says:

    I’m on my home computer in the evening nearly every night. I’ve definately noticed some sleep disorder. I’ve never heard of the blue light warning before. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  • James Manley says:

    My son who lives in Zurrich is using some type of blue light for sleeping which supposedly gets rid of stress, make you sleep better, etc, etc. He talked his Mother in getting me to buy her one. Have you’ll heard of that?

    Jim Manley

  • Helen Teel says:

    I work in front of a computer 8 to 12 hours a day.

  • Helen Teel says:

    I use a computer 8 to 12 hours a day

  • Bob says:

    While there’s certainly some evidence of this, the fact that this is really an ad for a particular brand of lenses tells me to look elsewhere for additional information.

    • David C. says:

      Hi Bob, that’s certainly an understandable statement. In the interest of transparency, we do make that specific product so are more likely to mention it than anything a competitor may make. However, your eye doctor would be the best person to decide what solution (if any) is best for your eyes. Our true goal with this and similar efforts is to get the conversation going between patients and their doctors, since most people are unaware of any potential risks. -David, VSP

  • Noel West says:

    When I was young and TVs were getting popular there was a warning about watching TV too close as it could hurt your eyes and also if you watched it for a long time. Was this long ago concern related in anyway to this?

    • David C. says:

      Great question, Noel. That’s more of an old wives tale like “don’t make faces or your face will get stuck like that,” but it turns out it may have more merit than we once thought. Keep in mind, though, that technology has evolved quite a bit since then and is much more prevalent throughout the day today than it was even 10 years ago. _David, VSP

  • Rita Corey says:

    6-8 hours a day

  • Lena says:

    Currently 12 hours per day, but spent even more than that at times in my past when I was working full-time as an IT Systems Analyst, carrying a full-time course load for a masters degree, and managing my social life in my spare time (what spare time?)! I’m approaching my mid-40’s, have blue eyes, and had fantastic vision until my mid-30’s without eyewear of any kind. Now, my eyes take a couple of seconds to focus, much like manually adjusting the zoom on a camera lens in & out until it’s just right. My eyes feel like they’re always working! My eyes are extremely dry, and I have a recurring corneal adhesion on one eye that can act up just from rubbing my eyes. The inside of my eyelids feel like they are coated with sandpaper! I’m constantly drowning my eyes with lubricating drops, so needless to say my eye makeup doesn’t last very long, and I have to keep checking the mirror to make sure I don’t have raccoon eyes. I also have serious bouts of insomnia when I’m stressed. I see a lot of reflections & halos when I drive at night, and have a difficult time judging distance & the speed of traffic I’m trying to merge into. I had my first high-tech digital eye exam 1 month ago and learned my prescription is very weak compared to the classic low-tech eye exam, but the portion of my eye exam that measured how & how far light is absorbed into my eyes, and how it reflects once it’s inside my eyes WAS OFF THE CHARTS! I have 2 pair of HD blue light protection glasses on order right now; one specifically for computer use, the other with progressive lenses for “everywhere else” use. I CAN’T WAIT for them to hurry-up & come in!

    • Tracy T. says:

      Wow, thank you so much for sharing your story, Lena! Happy to hear you’ve got some protective eyewear coming soon. Let us know how those work out for you! -Tracy, VSP

    • Nancy says:

      thank you for sharing – I am alo experiencing ome of the symptoms…

  • Linda says:

    Interesting!! How does this affect my usage of the Phillips goLITE Bluelight therapy? I use it for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and to wake myself up in the morning, and be able to fall asleep at night. I did notice that my eyes felt grittier during the day, and I felt like I needed to use eyedrops more often, but I couldn’t find any studies on Blue light safety when I was reasearching those lights.

  • Charlie R says:

    I spend at least 10 hours a day in front of a computer screen for work and home. And at least 2 hours in front a tv everyday.

  • Cassie says:

    I hate to admit this but I am on my phone for work or personal business around 16 hours a day. I always sufder from headaches and dry eyes. I now wear glasses to read and have realized that it takes longer to focus on something away from me after looking at my phone for an extended period of time.

  • Tammi Laney says:

    I spend 8 to 10 hours a day online. Very interesting article.

  • Evelina Artemenko says:

    I currently spend 11-12 hours per day. I spend 6-7 hours at work on a computer and the rest at home on my mobile device. I have noticed the change in my eyes. My eyes have became more dry and watery then usual and it takes a while for them to focus now! In the past year I have noticed my vision getting worse from all the time I spend on electronics. When I notice my eyes getting irritated I usually look away from any screen for about 20 seconds. I was never aware of the blue light warning. Thanks for keeping us informed!

  • Andrew S. says:

    I spend almost 8 hours in front of my computer all day, then I go home and spend another 3 looking at my laptop, phone and television.

  • Linda Kish says:

    I probably spend 12 hours a day or more on my computer. Fortunately, I have no sleep problems.

  • Alice Skram says:

    Spend anywhere between 0-4 hours a day in front of digital device

  • Christopher Skram says:

    Spend up to 8 hours a day in front of digital device.

  • Jonathan Baker says:

    I probably spend around 8 hours in front of my computer at work and two hours at night watching TV. Too much, I think!

  • Carl L Smith Jr says:

    I spend too much time looking at device screen, probably 6 – 8 hours a day between my computer, tablet and smartphone. If TV is included, there’s another 2 hours!

  • Carolsue says:

    I probably spend 12-13 hours a day on the computer. Interesting piece of work!

  • navid says:

    8 hours for me 2 hours for my 2 years old kid

  • Navid F says:

    8 hours for me 2 hours for my 2 years old kid

  • Robert says:

    8 to 10 hours.

  • Gary Manoni says:

    Yep, I always said that the tube type television and computer monitors are better for the person…and MUCH MUCH clearer picture.

  • franko says:

    I spend close to 6 hours on a computer & another 3-4 on my phone, dang… More concerned about my kids though…

  • I use an iPad all day for work.

  • Devin Ricker says:

    Since I am a college student I spend WAY to much time staring at various screens! Probably at least 6 hrs per day on the computer… And that’s not even including screens in the car, my iPhone, or any others!

  • Darice Gamache says:

    Around ten hours a day. I try and take breaks.

  • Cynthia Dixon says:

    I have trouble falling asleep when I spend so much time on the computer, iPad & laptop! 4 to 6 hours an evening PLUS watching TV! Yikes! Is there any resolution?

  • Sadie B. says:

    I use my computer for 5 hours a day and then watch an hour of tv. 6 Hours total a day.

  • Donnie S. says:

    I spend up to 12 hours a day looking at either a PC, tablet, or smartphone display. I had been reading ebooks on my phone at lunch, but I started to experience some eye strain after a few weeks. I switched back to good ol’ analog books, and that really helps to break up the screen time and give my eyes a chance to rest. I have had far fewer headaches and instances of eye strain since then. I also try to avoid looking at my phone or tablet within an hour of going to bed. I’ll be sure to talk to my eye doctor about Unity lenses at my next regular exam.

  • Marci says:

    I spend about 3 hours on my desktop computer then randomly all day on my ipad. Probably way to many hours!

  • Laure Walter says:

    I imagine I spend 7 hours a day at work in front of the computer, then an additional 3 hours on the laptop at home.

  • Jeanne Rousseau says:

    I spend about 12 hours a day on my laptop. I work from home and blog, therefore I always seem to be online. I worry about my son and his computer time, but luckily he had very little time in front of electronic devices before the age of ten because we believe that playing outside and family time was the most important. However as teenagers it’s very hard to convince them to get outside and away from the devices, I still try but not with such a high success rate.

  • Nicole Shaffer says:

    I spend 8 hours in front of my computer during the day and another 2-3 hours in front of the TV and my tablet.

  • John says:

    I spend most of my awake hours using one of the aforementioned devices…this is definitely something to be concerned about.

  • Mittal Patel says:

    I am a computer engineer and I spent 10-12 hours in front of computer. My eye number started going up since I have started working. My daughter spends 2 hours per day watching TV/Tablet.

  • alona says:

    4-6 hours

  • Michelle Lindquist says:

    I’m on my desktop computer at least 6-8 hours per day. Hadn’t heard of blue light prior to seeing the VSP blog and Facebook posts.

  • patti duncan says:

    I spend approximately 3-4 hours on the computer and maybe 2 hours a day watching tv!

  • Wow, pretty scary when I think about it…10 hours on a PC, and 3 hours of television, with intermittent cell-phone use. Yikes!

  • Sinda says:

    I use my laptop, tv, and phone about 4-6 hours a day. I limit the amount of time my kids use these items. I didn’t know about the bliss light until this article.

  • Audrey H. says:

    Id say I spend 8-10 hours in front of a computer ot tablet.

  • Kim Puckett says:

    I spend over 8 hours in front of a dual monitor computer Monday-Friday. I am probably on personal devices between 1-2 hours each evening.

  • M Wong says:

    8 hours

  • LaTonya Atkinson says:

    I spend about 12 hours a day in front of my laptop

  • Donna F. says:

    Probably about 10 hours for me, but luckily I sleep like a baby!

  • Adele says:

    I try for a maximum of two hours per day.

  • Lynn Armstrong says:

    I spend 8-12 hours per day on my phone, computer and tablet. I have never heard of the blue light before now, thanks!

  • Alicia Feldman says:

    I am not eligible for glasses this year, but am anxious to try them next year when I get new glasses!

  • terak says:

    I spend 2 to 3 hours a night on my computer plus watch TV and then all day at work on a computer.

  • Kimberly L says:

    I spend about 8 hours a day on my computer.

  • Merry Lenz says:

    I use a computer and or promethean board 5 hrs while teaching and spend another 3-4 hours with TV or laptop at home

  • Kerry L Galloway says:

    8 in front of work computer
    2 on iPhone

  • Kay says:

    I am very interested in the above problems about problems sleeping. I don’t have a problem sleeping per se; however, now that I think about it, if I’ve spent time just before bed on the computer, I do have trouble *falling* asleep! I spend way more time on the computer than I should, probably 10 hours per day total. I am very interested in this study.

  • Jen Byrnes says:

    3-6 hours depending on the day.

  • Lisa West says:

    I spend 5+ hours on either a computer or my tablet per day.

  • Rosemary O says:

    17 hrs. a day!! Way too long and my eyes are getting worse.

  • Jennifer Tuttle says:

    I spend about 8 hours on the phone altogether…no computer or iPad so this is where my time is spent

  • Joyce K says:

    8-10 hours at work, then another 4-6 hours at home. I think I need a vacation.

  • Sunshyn V says:

    I spend at least 14 hours a day in front of a screen between work and relaxation because I am disabled and unable to get around.

  • angela smith says:

    I spend 8 Hours on the computer everyday and about 2 on my tablet

  • I spend about 4 hours at work in front of a computer and about 3 hour reading for pleasure on my e reader. I can’t wear contacts anymore because my eyes are too dry.

  • James Holodnick says:

    I mostly use my big screen tv as my computer, but I still use a laptop or ipad a few hours a day. I’m more concerned about my wife using her iphone hours and hours a day, and my daughter, is using the ipad a lot

  • ed goldstein says:

    i probably spend 6 hours a day in front of a laptop screen

  • Tim B says:

    I spend 8 hours looking at a screen.

  • John Herman says:

    I spend about 2 hours a day on the computer.

  • Jennifer Herman says:

    I spend around 5 or more hours a day on the computer/ipad.

  • Frances W Clark says:

    I spend @ least 4 hours per day on my I phone. I just went to my VSP eye doctor and my eyesight has changed tremendously.

  • Tom McCormick says:

    I spend 8 hours a day in front of a computer, then 1-2 at home in front of a tablet.

  • Mary K. says:

    I’m on my computer from the time I wake up(7:30-8am) until I go to sleep (usu.(2am.) I do take a double hours break during the day. Wow, maybe 14hrs. I’ve been doing eye exercises. Maybe I should look into these blue light glasses.

  • Mary K. says:

    My proofreading has gone to heck too. “double” was supposed to be couple.

  • lasik uae says:

    I often spend almost 10 hours on the laptop each day.. This blog post really did make a difference.

  • Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    I spend about 12 hours a day in front of the screen. I appreciate this information and plan on seeing the eye doctor soon (and, I’ll also try to cut down on the time I spend sitting at the computer!)

  • Scott says:

    About three hours a day. On computer and phone all together.

  • keith butts says:

    I easily spend 10 hours a day in front of my computers both at work and home.

  • Sherry says:

    6-7 hours a day. Ugh.

  • Roy Haddock says:

    I usually spend about four to six hours looking at a monitor at work and when I get home I spend about two hours on my phone.

  • Terry Cross says:

    I spend about 6 hours a day on the computer at home.

  • Leilani says:

    I spend 4 or more hours a day on my computer and few hours watching tv or a tablet on top of that.

  • Madeline lopez says:

    I can spend 9 hours at work and 4hours at home. Ifind my eyes get very tired and see blury at times.

  • Jayne Wong says:

    2 – 6 hours (if I’m working)

  • Jill McCormick says:

    After 8 hours at work, I try to keep my home usage under 2 hours.

  • Denise Petty says:

    I would love to get some blue light protection for my son! And even for myself. You can’t be too careful with your eyes.

  • Linda says:

    10 to 12 hours per day. Not good.

  • keith butts says:

    Even this blog causes my eyes to go crazy.

  • Joanna Schally says:

    I spend hours in front of my TV and end my day with my Kindle in bed….at least 8 to 10 hours daily.I notice my vision is blurry when I shut down…

  • How to Protect Your Eyes From the Negative Effects of Digital Devices and Blue Light says:

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  • […] is negatively impacting not only your vision but also your overall health? It's true, and it's a major concern for eye doctors across the country. First, let me be clear: I love technology, and I fully embrace it. I actually […]

    • dryeyes says:

      can anyone tell me if the big definition lenses by Varilux provide the same protection from blue light, as well as Unity Lenses, if they come with Anti-reflective coating, Photochromic Lenses, on premium progressive lenses/aspheric digital? I just placed an order with new prescription, I asked if the Unity would provide clearer night vision from glare from traffic lights, reflections from the ground and other surfaces bouncing off the rear of the lenses, I never got a clear answer as she stated Varilux are the best and will cost the same as Unity Lenses. My question remains unanswered, and I may have to have this provider return the lenses with the enhancements asked for if Unity Lenses would provide HD vision and a wider field of vision especially for peripheral vision. Would appreciate any help from all knowledgable professionals.

      • David C. says:

        Hi there, some practices prefer to use a certain brand of lenses, but both are great lenses. Blue light protection is not automatically added to any lenses and must be specifically requested. Sometimes that protection is in the A/R coating and sometimes it is built into the lens itself. Usually photochromic lenses are not available with blue light protection, but that may not always be the case. UNITY is currently not available with both. If you’re a VSP member, UNITY progressive lenses are up to 50% less expensive than competitive lenses–depending on your benefits. -David, VSP

        • Luis says:

          David C .,

          Thank You for your for you insightful and helpful reply to my questions. I will be certain to ask it it is possible to have blue light protection added to my lenses .

          Thank You !

          Sincerely ,

    • dryeyes says:

      Sorry, I also spend an average of 8 hours a day at a computer, iPhone and tablet, as well as very small font in volumes of legal reading and writing.

  • Tiffany V says:

    I spend, at the very least, 10 hours a day in front of a computer screen. I tend to spend a LOT less on the weekends though, so it’s nice to have a few days of a ‘break’ to let my eyes rest!

  • Debbie Green says:

    I spend 6-8 hours a day at work on a computer and another 1 to 4 hours each evening working with a computer/ipad/or e-reader

  • Eileen C. says:

    I am exposed for 4 or 5 hours a day.

  • Susan P. says:

    I spend between 8 – 10 hrs. on the computer and about 30 min. on my phone.

  • Mary Wright says:

    I spend way more time on devices than I realized. Once I counted up all the hours., I was shocked! I use a computer all day, watch television, use my cell phone – yikes! I probably spend 8 hours a day or more with blue light in my face!

  • Amy C says:

    I spend 4-5 hours a day. Help!! Thanks for the info.

  • Ken P says:

    Great info!

  • Christopher Cassady says:

    I spend about 11 hours a day on my phone,which is a lot but I enjoy it. I’ve battled my demons in the past and by me spending time on social media like I do, I haven’t returned to my old ways. It’s not a healthy alternative but it’s better than what I was doing. I haven’t ran into any visual problems with my current situation. I spend about an 30 minutes to an hour on my computer daily, don’t have a tablet but I’m sure it would be about 30 minutes a day if I did.

  • Anna says:

    This is great information. I spend close to 12 hours on the computer every single day and after reading this, I will try and reduce my five year old’s exposure to the laptop

  • amanda whitley says:

    too many! i am on the computer about 12-16 hours.

  • JamesK says:

    I spend 8 hours in front of my computer for my job.

  • […] impacting not only your vision but also your overall health? It’s true, and it’s a major concern for eye doctors across the […]

  • Elizabeth says:

    I also spend at least 4 – 6 hours a day interacting with a variety of electronic devices such as my desktop computer, tablet, and smartphone. A huge percentage of this time occurs outside of work hours and generally around the time that I go to bed. Although I had heard some information about the negative effects of blue light, I had not thought about how it might be impacting my sleep cycle. My children also spend a significant amount of time on their electronic devices before going to bed. I found this enlightening article from the Washington Post that goes into greater depth on why blue light affects us the way it does: http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/blue-light-from-electronics-disturbs-sleep-especially-for-teenagers/2014/08/29/3edd2726-27a7-11e4-958c-268a320a60ce_story.html

    I will definitely have to be more conscious of the amount of time I’m spending on my phone and tablet throughout the day and before bedtime. Who knows, maybe I can improve my sleep and wake up more rested.

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  • […] is negatively impacting not only your vision but also your overall health? It’s true, and it’s a major concern for eye doctors across the […]

  • […] exposure to blue light (the blueish glow emitted from digital device screens), has been shown to cause headaches, dry eyes and even hamper sleep, so it’s no surprise the AAP would […]

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