Bombogenesis and 3 Ways to Protect Your Glasses from Extreme Cold

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Most of us know not to leave our glasses in the car during the summer, because extreme heat can damage our eyewear. Did you know that extreme cold can have similar effects? With the bombogenesis rapidly dropping temperatures on the East Coast, here are three easy ways to care for your glasses:

Tip 1: Bring Your Glasses with You

Exposure to extreme temperatures, such as those in a car that’s parked outside overnight, can cause lenses to expand or contract, which can craze the lens coating. A crazed lens will appear to have small cracks or scratches and can reduce clarity. Frames, especially plastic, can also warp, changing how your glasses may fit.

Tip 2: Use a Protective Carrying Case

With the extra layers of clothes, it’s so easy to toss your glasses in one of your outerwear pockets, but it’s just as easy to forget about them. Eyewear tucked into a pocket without a case to protect them are at risk from scratching, bending and even breaking. Use a case to save yourself the heartache of hearing that unique “crunch” sound caused by broken glasses.

Tip 3: Stop Lens Fogging at the Source

While shaving cream or soap on your lenses can reduce how much fog accumulates, it doesn’t solve the problem. Most fogging on your glasses is caused by heat and moisture from your own breath. An easy solution is to arrange your scarf or facemask to let your breath escape downward, away from your glasses.

Whether you’re facing a bombogenesis, snow eater, arctic blast, polar vortex, or some other scary-sounding, wintery phenomenon, caring for your eyewear now will ensure they last you for many seasons to come.

This is a guest post by VSP employee Chris Neuschafer.

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