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Can Eyelash Extensions Harm My Eyes?

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They’re fun, flirty, and most importantly, cut down a lot of time putting mascara on in the morning. So, it’s no surprise eyelash extensions have become increasingly popular in recent years. While many rave about the results of long luscious lashes, there have also been a number of horror stories too. If you’re thinking about Read More »


Vision Care and Concussions

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A Mother’s Concerns As parents, keeping our children healthy and safe is at the top of the list. We do all we can to ensure that each day, they are maintaining habits that set the table for long-term health. From brushing their teeth to eating vegetables—everything matters. When illness arrives, we use the information available Read More »

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An Eye Exam and an Unexpected Diagnosis

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At VSP, we hear a lot of stories about how a routine eye exam can lead to other discoveries about one’s eyes or their overall health. These stories continue to remind us of the importance of that annual comprehensive eye exam with an optometrist. Our friend Rebecca Plumb shared her recent experience at the eye Read More »

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How to Read a Contact Lens Prescription

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If you’re a contact lens wearer, you’ve been to an eye doctor and had an eye exam, along with a contact lens fitting and evaluation. After your exam, someone up front usually helps you order your contacts and you leave with a prescription. Ever wonder what your prescription really means? Below is a picture of Read More »

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How to Fight Back Against Light Sensitivities

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The spring season is drawing closer (no thanks to Punxsutawney Phil), and that means there’s more sun for us to enjoy! However, for those who have light sensitivities, more sun isn’t always enjoyable. Eloise asks, “I have glaucoma and macular degeneration. What coatings on my glasses will help me see better?… Sun is murder on Read More »

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Meet Dr. Paula Newsome

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When the world told her “no,” Dr. Paula Newsome learned to answer back, “just watch me.” It’s because of that perseverance and ability to forge her own path that she’s now known as the first female African-American optometrist to open a practice in North Carolina and to become a fellow in the American Academy of Read More »

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Protect Your Eyes When You’re Hitting the Slopes

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So you’ve broken out the heavy-duty jackets and scarves and put away all those warm season staples like shorts and short sleeves. You’re watching athletes from all over the world glide through that fresh powder and are inspired to grab those skies and do the same. Nice work! We are rooting for you. But before Read More »

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