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retinal screening

What Are the Benefits of a Retinal Screening?

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Getting an annual eye exam is about more than checking your vision. An eye doctor will examine everything from visual acuity to the pressure of your eyes to signs of any infections or diseases. They are looking at the overall health of your eyes. That’s why it’s so important they look at not just what’s Read More »

eye exam misconceptions

Myth Busters – Common Eye Exam Misconceptions

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We can all agree that having healthy eyes is important, but did you know just over 50% of people get annual eye exams? Why you might ask? According to a recent VSP survey in partnership with YouGov, a majority of people skip eye exams because they don’t think they need vision correction, think eye exams Read More »

Medicare vision coverage

Does Medicare cover eye exams, glasses, or contacts?

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If you’re one of the millions of individuals with a Medicare plan, you may have asked yourself if medicare vision coverage is available. The answer? It depends on which type of  plan you have. Let’s cover the FAQs — from Medicare Part A to D. Does Medicare Part A cover any vision benefits? Not unless Read More »

eye exam saved my life

“An Eye Exam Saved My Life”

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Most people dream of sleeping for days on end, but for Belen this reality became a nightmare several years ago. She came home on a Thursday afternoon from work and went to bed. She didn’t wake up until Sunday, three days later. Belen had also been suffering from a headache that wouldn’t go away. She Read More »

eye health

Surprising Eye Health Stats

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Do you remember when you had your last eye exam? If you can’t, know you’re not alone. According to a recent study conducted by VSP Vision Care and market research agency YouGov, most people rate vision as their most important sense but only half reported getting an eye exam in the last year. So why Read More »

cataracts in children

#WeSeeYouMom: Jodi’s Story

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“This is how I used to see, mommy.” As five-year-old Carly handed her mom a pair of old goggles, foggy and worn out, Jodi Burgess’ heart sank. “How could I not have known?” she thought to herself. Jodi had no idea that her daughter was having extraordinary vision issues. In preparation for Kindergarten, Jodi had Read More »

how often should you go to the eye doctor

How often should you go to the eye doctor?

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Veronica and Anthony want to know, “How often should you go to the eye doctor?” Dr. Kirschbaum, VSP network eye doctor, recommends people get their vision checked every year, starting when they are very young. Children should have their first eye exam at six months old, then at three years old, before starting school and Read More »


Emergency Preparedness: Eye Care Edition

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An emergency can strike with little or no notice. Having a plan and emergency preparedness kit ready to go can help you navigate a crisis more effectively when confronted with a disaster. Know the types of disasters most common to your area Emergencies can range from personal, such as house fires, to community-wide, such as Read More »

age-related eye conditions

Eye Health at Every Age

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Healthy eyes are important at every age. It’s also important to be aware of age-related eye conditions that you could be at risk for, as vision conditions can develop throughout life. Below are terms that might help with better understanding some of these issues and provide you with information to discuss with your doctor during Read More »

Why do people have two different colored eyes?

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It’s pretty rare, but as Mei Fleming, OD tells us, less than 1 percent of the population are born with two different colored eyes, known as heterochromia. Each year on July 12, we celebrate this unique trait with National Different Colored Eyes Day. Why do people have two different colored eyes? “Most causes of heterochromia Read More »