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Caryn’s Tips for an Easier Back-to-School

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Balancing a full-time career with being a mom is challenging enough. Mix that with back-to-school preparation and things can easily seem unmanageable. To help you keep things on track this season for an easier back-to-school, we’ve enlisted advice from VSP employee Caryn Ng. Caryn is an Operations Manager who leads a large support team. When Read More »

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Shopping Spree Giveaway for Back-to-School

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Buying new supplies and clothes for school can get expensive. Not to mention the cost of extra-curricular activities your child might participate in. The average parent will spend $510 this season to get their kids ready for the school year ahead. This increase in spending can make it feel like you’re constantly opening your wallet Read More »


Grad Gifts That Never Go out of Style

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It’s that time of year where the graduation parties are filling up the calendar. It often feels like everyone we know is graduating at once – siblings, nieces, nephews and friends. Instead of waiting until the last minute and grabbing a card and a wad of cash (admit it, we’ve all done it), get that Read More »

#WeSeeYouMom: Mother’s Day

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Moms are often the chief medical officers of their households and the first line of defense when it comes to their family’s health. They are on call 24 hours, through every stage of life, and most of it goes unacknowledged because they make it look so easy. To mothers of all kinds, thank you for doing Read More »


History of Eyeglasses

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Italy is known for pizza, pasta and wine. But, did you know that it is also well-known for a non-food item that many of us wear on our face every day so we can see the world around us clearly? That would be eyeglasses. And then there were eyeglasses The first pair of eyeglasses were Read More »

#AskAnEyeDoc in love

Mydriasis: Saying ‘Eye Love You’ With Your Peepers

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Butterflies in your stomach and sweaty palms are clues your body is giving you that you might crushing on someone hard, but those aren’t the only chemical responses your body has when it’s falling in love. Christina asks, “A guy told me you can tell when someone is in love by simply looking at their Read More »

Sweet potato and carrot tots

Game Day Grub: An Eye-Healthy ‘Tots’ Recipe

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One of our favorite things about game day is the grub. Because it’s not just about football, right? This is just as much a foodie holiday, and we are here for it. Remember though, just because we enjoy a good spread, doesn’t mean we need to throw our health priorities out of bounds. In fact, Read More »