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SunSync Elite

3 Reasons Why SunSync Elite is Your Ideal Winter Lens

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The cold-weather months require TLC when it comes to your overall health. Whether you’re dealing with dry skin or fighting off a nasty cold, winter can take a toll on your body. Our eyes are no exception. Fortunately, there’s now a revolutionary new approach that might help with your winter eye woes. SunSync Elite, a Read More »


Level Smart Glasses Now Available on

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You’ve heard us talk about Level™ smart glasses before; smart glasses that feature technology seamlessly embedded into the temple of the frame to track your activity, distance and calories burned. We launched Level earlier this year in partnership with select VSP network doctors participating in the VSP Premier Program. Now, Level smart glasses are available Read More »

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Ambassadors Take Level Smart Glasses for a Spin

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Level smart glasses have arrived, but if you’re still considering if they would be a good fit for you, let our Level ambassadors help. Level ambassadors are a group of real people brought together to share their experience with Level. As a refresher, Level tracks your activity, including your steps, calories burned and distance traveled. Read More »

Fitness Tracker

Give Back with Level Smart Glasses

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Wearables have proven to be a lasting trend, with many fitness bands, smart watches and even smart clothing on the market. Most wearable technology will track your activity, distance and calories burned, but what if your device could do more? What if it could help others while still taking care of your health? More than Read More »

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Apply Your Vision Benefits to Buy Level Smart Glasses

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Most of us love wearables—or at least the idea of them. Tracking your steps and pushing yourself to be healthier are inherently good things, but the fact is that many of us simply forget to put those wearables on in the morning. Enter Level smart glasses. Everyday glasses-wearers can now track their step count, distance Read More »

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History of Eyeglasses

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Italy is known for pizza, pasta and wine. But, did you know that it is also well-known for a non-food item that many of us wear on our face every day so we can see the world around us clearly? That would be eyeglasses. And then there were eyeglasses The first pair of eyeglasses were Read More »


Hearing Aids Go High-Tech

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Hearing aids in the 21st Century are as different from your grandparents’ hearing aids as your smartphone is from an old rotary-dial telephone. Today’s hearing aids are smaller, more attractive, and more comfortable to wear. They use sophisticated digital signal processing and sound management algorithms to more closely emulate natural hearing, and they are loaded Read More »

Level smart glasses wearable

Level Smart Glasses Have Arrived

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Level smart glasses have arrived from VSP Global, and we’ve got the scoop! Let’s break it down, shall we? Level began in 2015 as the Project Genesis prototype within our innovation lab, The Shop. A partnership and academic study with the renowned USC Center for Body Computing soon followed in 2016. And results of that Read More »


Does Watching TV and the Computer Hurt Your Eyes?

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These days, binge watching isn’t just for fun … it’s a way of life. You get home excited to watch an episode of your favorite show and before you know it, you’ve fallen into a deep, dark rabbit hole about seven episodes past your bedtime. With all that time spent looking at screens, you may find Read More »

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Redefining Vision: Renee’s Story

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Meet Renee Emmerson. Renee began working for VSP Vision Care in 2010 as a customer care representative at our national call center in Columbus, Ohio. Four years later, she was diagnosed with Basal Laminar Drusen, a condition that mimics macular degeneration and causes irreversible vision loss. Today, at just 40 years old, Renee is blind. But Read More »