Celebrate Healthy Vision Month with an Eye Exam

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May is Healthy Vision Month, so take the time to care for yourself and your eyes by scheduling your annual eye exam with your VSP doctor. While you may think you should only visit an eye doctor when you need glasses and/or contacts – you should still see your eye doctor even if you don’t have a vision correction need.

So, what does having healthy eyes mean? It means your eyes are free of any injuries, eye diseases, and you can see to the best of your ability. When you visit a VSP doctor, he or she will perform a comprehensive eye exam. During your eye exam, your doctor will check your vision to see if you need glasses and they can also detect signs of chronic conditions like diabetes or hypertension.

When you make an appointment with a VSP doctor, set aside about an hour and half out of your day.

When you arrive to your eye appointment, you’ll be checked in at the front desk and then someone from the doctor’s staff will perform different tests, from having you read an eye chart to more complex tests to see the inner structure of your eye. Then the doctor will do your eye exam. If you opt to wear contacts, you’ll also need a contact lens exam fitting. This ensures you get the right prescription and contact lenses for your eyes. If you prefer to stick to wearing glasses, after your exam you’ll get help picking out frames that look best on you.

Don’t be afraid to ask your eye doctor questions during and after your exam, too. VSP doctors are highly credentialed and have an outstanding amount of knowledge about your eye health.

And, if you find yourself saying, “I need to see the eye doctor, but I don’t have vision insurance,” VSP has the solution for you. VSP offers affordable vision insurance plans for individuals and families. You can search for the vision plan that’s right for you by visiting VSPDirect.com. All of the plans include coverage for an eye exam, glasses, and/or contacts. They’re affordable – with some plans starting as low as $17 a month.

If you need to find a VSP doctor near you, visit the “Find a Doctor” section of vsp.com.

This post was written by VSP employee Jessica C. 


  • Betty Hankins says:

    A few years ago I had a severe glaucoma attack and surgery to relieve the pressure. I know I need an eye exam but do I also need to be checked for glaucoma?

    • Jon S. says:

      Hi Betty, ensuring you get an annual, comprehensive eye exam is very important. Your doctor can help monitor your glaucoma and suggest treatment options with you.

    • Xxavier says:

      My Grandfather had eye surgery for his glaucoma a few years ago and one of the things I Found for him was a spray called Natures Tears. It was one of the only thing that would give him releafe from his extream dry eyes.

  • Gary says:

    Yearly checkups are very important!

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