60 Years of Helping People See What’s Possible

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Over the past 60 years, VSP has evolved and grown its reach in support of our mission to help people see. Looking forward, we are committed to continuing our focus of improving lives around the globe through vision.

Join us as we take a moment to look back at best affiliate programs http://rxreviewz.com/category/affiliate-programs/ a few of the stories captured in 2015 that highlight the positive impact access to proper vision care and eyewear provide when everyone has the opportunity to see what’s possible:

Our VSP Mobile Eyes clinics and volunteer VSP doctors:

  • Returned to the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans to help more than 400 people in need see more clearly alongside Dr. Jarrett Johnson, who was instrumental in caring for hurricane survivors like Mr. Minor 10 years ago start of the VSP Mobile Eyes program


  • Celebrated our 60th anniversary by providing free exams and glasses for more than 1,600 people in Sacramento, CA; Columbus, OH; and Jamaica (Queens), NY; including Kiowana, a patient who wore the same pair of glasses for 12 years


  • Helped students like Matthew pursue their passion in school and life at the Monarch School in San Diego, CA, which serves youth impacted by homelessness

Do you have a story of how access to vision care has made an impact on your life? Share with us.

On behalf of VSP Global, we wish you all the joy of the holiday season!

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