Celebrating Diversity at VSP

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VSP employees came together to celebrate diversity and inclusion through a series of events and interactive booths hosted by our business resource groups (BRGs) on World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.

Each of our BRGs helps foster a sense of community, and provide educational opportunities to create understanding of our diverse population of employees, doctors, and communities we serve.

“Learning from each other and maximizing the impact we have on our company, community and personal development is definitely worth celebrating,” said VSP employee Stephanie W.

Our BRGs currently include ABLE (Abilities Beyond Limited Expectations); Asian Pacific Islander; Black Heritage; Latino; Lesbian Bisexual Transgender and Allies; Military Veterans; and Young Professionals.

“Before ‘diversity’ became a buzz word, or important to companies, VSP was already celebrating diversity. I remember when I first started at VSP and Roger Valine explained to me the meaning behind the stained glass by the café entrance. That was 21 years ago.” said, VSP employee, Kim R. “It makes me proud and honored to work for VSP!”

The stained glass, she described is hung prominently in the entrance of HQ1 just past the elevator bank. Next to it an inscription reads:

“The stained glass represents the diversity of VSP employees, who come from different backgrounds, geographic area and ethnic origins, merging skills and talents from all departments and divisions. Through our efforts, and those of our member doctors, we work together to provide legendary service, resulting in a bountiful harvest.”

Kim is also a member of our Military Veterans BRG and shared  that she enjoys that they are able to support veterans through charity outreach  by volunteering with VSP Mobile Eyes, and also appreciates the opportunity to meet people throughout the company that she doesn’t work with on a daily basis.

Below are some photos from the event:



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