Seeing in HD – One Mom’s Story

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“Wow, everything is in HD. I can see the words on Netflix!” exclaimed Joshua, age 10, as he lifted his prescription sunglasses up and down from his face.

Joshua never had issues with his vision before, so it was somewhat of a surprise to his mother, Carolyn, when she learned he needed glasses. From an early age, Carolyn’s parents had taken her to get her eyes checked, so when she had Joshua, she started taking him to the eye doctor at just four-months old.

childrens vision

“He’s been getting his annul eye exams and everything’s been great, up until his most recent exam,” Carolyn explained. “We found out he needed glasses. Luckily, the prescription was very minor.”

Although the idea of needing glasses didn’t seem to faze Joshua at all, Carolyn admits a flurry of worries started to float through her mind. She thought about how he’d have to keep track of his glasses and care for them, and how it would be an added responsibility for him. Then she thought about how fast her son’s vision changed. She couldn’t believe this all happened, in what seemed like, overnight.

“So, we’re like, okay! We got coverage. No problem,” Carolyn recalled.

While at his recent eye exam, Joshua picked out a pair of prescription glasses and sunglasses. His sunglasses arrived first, and when he put them on, Carolyn says he noticed a huge difference.

“It was crazy to see his reaction because he kept lifting them up and down to see the difference,” Carolyn said. “He would wear his suns indoors while watching TV. It was a little dorky, but I had this total ‘I’m a horrible mom’ moment where I’m thinking, ‘how long has he not been able to see?’.”

childrens vision

But seeing Joshua light up when wearing his new prescription sunglasses, made Carolyn smile. Joshua received his eye glasses a week later. And now, whether he’s playing outside or watching TV indoors, Carolyn says she feels much more relaxed knowing he has the right tools to help him see.

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